7 Best Ways To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

Regardless of the fact that you have to lose 10 pounds or 20, the aim of weight loss is challenging.

It not only demands tons of determination, but it calls for a complete lifestyle and diet change as well. Thus, patience needs to go hand in hand.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for quicks ways to lose 10 or maybe 20 pounds within a few days or 2 weeks.

From a nutritional perspective, the fastest ways are not the healthiest, but if you are in a hurry, due to an upcoming event, there are some strategies that might work for you.

You can speed up your weight loss process by combining your diet changes with some helpful strategies, and you are good to go.

In this piece of article, we have summed up 7 ways to lose 20 pounds fast. We’ve tried to keep them healthy, but remember that a fast weight loss is hard to sustain. But if you keep your lifestyle changes healthy for the long run, it might work.

Without any further ado, let’s get in.

7 Best Ways To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

7 Best Ways To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

1 • Counting Calories:

Tracking what you are eating and how much calories you are taking in is a great approach to start your weight loss. Count your current calorie intake and decrease it a bit. This is one of the easiest ways to start losing weight and yet the most effective as well. Your daily calorie intake has to go down if you want to lose 20 pounds fast. Also, tracking calories is not really helpful, until and unless the calories you now consume are al healthy. You need to be aware of what you are putting into your system to make healthier choices.

2 • Stay hydrated:

Drinking a lot of water is great for weight loss. It keeps you hydrated and makes you feel fuller too. It might seem like a minimal addition to your weight loss efforts, but people have lost weight by perking up their water intake largely. It boosts your metabolism as well, which means that your body burns calories faster. Drink water, 15 minutes before your meal, as it will help you in consuming fewer calories as water will make you a bit full.

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3 • Protein Intake is Crucial:

The best way to lose weight fast is to perk up your protein intake. Try having a protein-based breakfast as it makes you feel fuller for a longer time and boosts your metabolism as well. You might not feel the urge to snack even after a protein-based breakfast. Protein is the best source of food to lower your appetite, which means that you will take in fewer calories. Therefore, this Isa crucial change that you need to make to your daily diet.

4 • Low Carb Intake:

The next change that needs to be made for weight loss is to lower your carb intake. Make sure that you ditch on refined carbs because they are packed with a lot of calories. Choose healthier carbs instead but keep their intake on the bay line. Studies have proven that diet’s, which are higher in whole grains, lessens the body weight and is an ideal diet for your health too.

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5 • Add Fiber to your Diet:

Another change required in your diet is to add fiber to it. Fiber takes more time to digest, which means that it keeps you fuller for a longer time span. It has satiety-boosting effects that help you in your weight loss journey. Choose fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber so that you can keep your appetite low. Just make sure that you pick healthier fiber options and do not go for processed fiber foods at all.

6 • Get your sleep, right:

Weight loss is not going to happen if you are exhausted due to sleepless nights. You won’t have the motivation to eat right, and your body won’t sync in with your mind at all. Therefore, your sleeping pattern needs to be set. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep daily, but if you can manage to sleep 8 hours, then that is great. Your body demands sleep, and it must be well-rested in order to make better and healthier options. You can set your sleep schedule first and then start changing other elements in your life so that everything combines well t help you lose 20 pounds fast.

7 • Workout:

You thought that this isn’t on the list? Well, it is! Exercising boosts your weight loss and tones your body amazingly. You won’t be able to lose 20 pounds fast if you do not shed off the extra calories by sweating. Cardio is an amazing workout routine, and you can add 30 minutes of cardio, 5 days per week, to meet your weight loss goals. You can also try HIIT exercises as they shed bodyweight faster.


Losing weight requires you to stay motivated, and if you are determined to shed those 20 pounds fast, then we hope that these 7 ways will help you amazingly. Just make sure that you do not deprive your body of the essentials and choose healthy by all means.


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