What Are Amino Acids? TOP 7 Amazing Amino Acids Benefits 2019!

Proteins consist of Amino Acids as building blocks. Those amino acids which can’t be produced by yourself and which must be derived by your intake of food are known as essential amino acids.

Essential Amino Acids are used by the body to create non-essential & condition amino acids, which are of great assistance during period of illness or stress.

Your consumption of protein rich food provides four calories per gram, whilst current guidelines prescribe approximately 2 to 3 servings of foods with high protein content on a daily basis where adults are concerned.

However, highly active athletes may need even more protein, for the repairing of cells. By following a well-balanced diet all the needed protein can be consumed and people don’t have to take supplements or protein powders.

What Are Amino Acids?

What Are Amino Acids

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The building blocks of proteins are formed by Amino Acids. There are 20 usual amino acids within eukaryotes and most proteins are made thereof. Where biochemistry is concerned, amino acids are any molecules which has both carboxyl and amine functional groups.

During recent years it was discovered that amino acids, besides for being cell signalling molecules, they are also regulating gene expression as well as protein phosphorylation cascading.

Proteins are strings of amino acids. At the core of amino acid molecules, an amino group is found; a carboxyl group as well as a chemical side chain which is different. It is this side chain which establishes what type of amino acid that molecule is.

Amino acid strings when fully formed can be short or long. However, the amino acids are organized in a very distinct order by every protein. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) provides the blueprint of your body for making each kind of protein you are using.

Every cell in the body contains DNA and when the body need to create any kind of protein, it’s the DNA which provides precise instruction how the protein should be build.

In the occurrence that one amino acid within the whole string is out of order or imperfect; the protein will be unable to conduct its intended purpose.

Consuming protein sources such as eggs, beans, chicken, the body will break down these proteins and transform them in individual amino acids. The amino acids will be rearranged and the body will be using it.

We hope this gives more perspective about: what are amino acids?

Amino Acid Categories

The two categories into which amino acids are divided are essential & non-essential amino acids.

Essential Amino Acids

The body is unable to produce essential amino acids by itself, which means that these essential amino acids are only accessible from either food sources or Supplements.

Lacking the 9-essential amino acids will cause difficulty for your body accomplishing normal protein synthesis that can result in detrimental effects on the body. On the contrary, people who are using amino acid supplements have the advantage to enjoy a variety of health benefits.

Essential Amino Acids List

 Threonine
 Tryptophan
 Phenylalanine
 Methionine
 Lysine
 Histidine
 Leucine
 Isoleucine
 Valine

Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine are known as BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), that are particularly vital for fat burning, muscle growth & improved performance. This makes it clear which are the best amino acids for muscle growth.

BCAA’s form 35% of the proteins needed, for muscle growth. Thus, a lot of people prefer the pure BCAA supplements compared to dietary sources or other amino acid-supplements within which the BCAA’s is intrinsically limited.

However, for people who aspire to improve their general health, by using amino acid supplements, the conventional amino acid supplements will be quite adequate.

Non Essential Amino Acids

The body can produce the non-essential amino acids which are fundamentally produced in the liver. However, some food sources can also supply them.

List of 11 Non Essential Amino Acids

 Alanine
 Glutamic acid
 Arginine
 Glutamine
 Glycine
 Asparagine
 Aspartic acid
 Tyrosine
 Proline
 Cysteine
 Serine

Amino Acids Benefits

Amino Acid Supplements: The Benefits

1. Reduce Fat

Research has associated amino acid supplementation not just with fat loss, but also with the decreasing of abdominal fat deposits & storage. Abdominal fat is stored around the body’s vital organs as well as other parts. This increases inflammation, whilst it reduces the effective functioning of these organs.

Because amino acid supplements are assisting in reducing tummy fat it is vital in your battle against chronic diseases.

2. Prevent Inflammation

Amino acid supplements’ anti-inflammatory qualities are mostly provided by the BCAA’s isoleucine, valine & leucine. These compounds can assist to reduce the inflammation which occurs within joints and muscles.


This will allow you to have more productive & longer workouts, whilst it will be beneficial to non-athletes too.

Assuring that you always have ample BCAA’s will assist in the prevention of inflammation linked to diabetes, liver disorders, diabetes as well as other common illnesses.

3. Prevent Muscle Damage

Whilst working out, damage is caused to your muscles. However, this damage is normally repaired within your recovery period, which results in muscle growth.

Muscle Damage

Credit: Pixabay

However, when you are working out intensely, it can result in muscle fibres breaking down, which is then consumed as energy or fuel, which is bad.

Amino acid supplements, especially BCAA’s can assist to prevent this kind of damage to your muscles as it can deliver the necessary reserves for healthy protein.

Amino acids benefits for muscles are important to be in peak condition.

4. Reduce Fatigue

Whilst performing physical activities or just going through the day, you use a lot of energy, which your body have to restore. When your body expends your glycogen stores, exhaustion set in and it will let you feel sleepy.

Reduce Fatigue

Credit: Pixabay

Research showed that increasing the BCAA’s & other amino acids through your day will assist the body to store glycogen more efficiently, whilst using it slower, which will result in you having more energy and endurance during the day, notwithstanding if you are working out or not.

This emphasizes amino acids nutrition facts.

5. Improving Cognitive Abilities

Tryptophan is a vital amino acid as well as an antecedent of serotonin within your body, which is a cheerful neurotransmitter which has the ability to slow down the fastness of your mental capacity.

The intake of amino acid supplements can ensure that you have an ample amount of BCAA’s within your system. This will restrict the body to produce additional tryptophan.

Should you have a mental foggy feeling during the afternoons; it can be a sign that you are having a tryptophan-rush which leads to mental relaxation.

6. Improving Muscle Growth

A lot of people who are regular users of amino acid supplements are mostly interested in the effect it will have on their muscle growth. The BCAA’s, Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine are closely linked to the stimulation of protein synthesis after a vigorous workout.

Muscle Growth

There will be an adequate provision of new reserves for boosting muscle growth. According to conducted studies, it showed that areas of your body which were not exercised, also improved in muscle growth due to amino acid supplements.

Amino acids benefits for muscles are clear now.

7. Accelerate the Healing Process

Proteins are vital compounds necessary in each area of your body which will result in muscle growth and the developing of cells, tissue, hair & nails.

For recovery and repairing, protein is essential too. Thus, after an illness, injury, intense workout or surgery, a raise by amino acid supplements can be especially valuable, because it accelerates protein synthesis and thus, the healing rate of the body.

Amino acids benefits are both necessary for living a healthy life and eye opening!

Most Tasteful Amino Acid Supplements

Sticking to your new plan to consume amino acid supplements, it is also important to look for the kinds which taste good. Below are the most tasteful amino acid supplements.

Scivation Xtend: Lemon, Lime Sour

BSN Aminox: Watermelon

BPS Sports Best-BCAA: Passion Fruit

Muscletech Amino Build: Fruit Punch

Muscle Pharm BCAA: Blue Raspberry

Optimum Pro BCAA: Peach Mango

Cellucor C4 Ripped: Cherry Limeade

List of Most Excellent Amino Acids

If the flavour has no significance for you, but you are aspiring to get the best results, below you can find a list containing the top amino acid supplements available in the market.

Scivation Xtend BCAA’s: Watermelon

Optimum Nutrition Creatine-powder

NOW NAC 600 mg – capsules

Extra Strength L-arginine – 1200 mg – capsules

Doctor’s Best SAM-e-400 – capsules

GAT Muscle Martini-natural

Muscle Tech Platinum

Nutricost BCAA

Universal Nutrition Animal-Juiced Aminos

BSN Aminox

Purus Labs Amino-D

Taking into account the variety of amino acid supplements available in the market, we believe that you will find the one you prefer.

Amino Acids Benefits For Skin

Amino acids benefits for skin are a great way to not only maintain your health, but also your appearance.

How Amino Acids are Benefiting Skin

Amino acids are present within your skin naturally and forms part of our NMF’s (natural moisturizing factors). In the uppermost layers of the skin, amino acids are performing complex work which results in your skin to both stay hydrated and thriving.

Great For Skin

Credit: Pixabay

One method they are using is to work harmoniously together with the water transport system of the body (aquaporins), to provide moisture throughout the skin. Due to this, the principal benefit of this is that amino acids assist in the maintenance of the hydration and smoothness of the skin. This also occurs when you are applying skincare products.

Some amino acids are acting as antioxidants. However it is believed that the majority of them are playing a greater role by assisting your skin to create more antioxidants of its own, like glutathione. Amino acids which are applied topically assist in strengthening the natural defence system of the skin. This makes the signs of aging due to environmental damage, less visible

According to research, it was discovered synthetic amino acids often provide more hydrating abilities when compared with plant- or animal-derived amino acids. Due to the fact that a lot of amino acids are of animal origin, it is good news when you prefer to avert that kind of ingredients.

Top Amino Acids for The Skin

Whilst the above-mentioned amino acids play a role when it comes to the creation & maintenance of a healthy, smooth, youthful looking skin, some amino acids have even more specialized properties making them highly desirable as ingredients within skincare products.

  Histidine

This amino acid acts as an antioxidant and has a soothing effect on the skin.

   Arginine

Arginine poses to be an amino acid which conducts a repairing role when it comes to visible skin damage.

  Lysine

Lysine has the ability to firm the surface of the skin visibly, by the reinforcement of supportive elements.

  Methionine

This amino acid acts as a neutralizer which counteracts harmful substances prior to harming the skin.

Proline, Glycine & Leucine

These three amino acids reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines.

Amino acids benefits for skin appearance and youthfulness will be great news for every woman who cares about her skin.

How Amino Acids Interact with Peptides

All the amino acids which are contained within skincare products are working in combination with additional elements which are forming part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factors (NMF’s) which include favourites like ceramides, glycerine, hyaluronic acid and a variety of peptides.

These amino acids interact especially well with peptides. Therefore, they are included in peptide boosters, which enhance the hydration of the skin, whilst reducing the signs of aging.

Amino acids pose to be highly versatile components which complement other advantageous skincare elements varying from antioxidants to omega fatty acids, to plant extracts.

It is a fact that amino acids which are applied topically benefit all skin types and ages, particularly if it is your objective to either prevent of reduce the signs of aging.

The amino acids benefits for skin are good news to every person striving to do the best for their skin’s health and appearance.

When Should I Take Amino Acids

What a good question to ask, when should I take amino acids? Well, if you are a new member to the gym, an endurance enthusiast, bodybuilder, Cross-Trainer or a competitive athlete you may be considering to supplement with a BCAA if you did not already started.

Best Time To Supplement With BCAA’s

The perfect time will be during your workouts. You can add 5 to 10 grams to your usual shake, both before and after your workout which will be fuelling your body, whilst repairing your muscles.

When your menu lacks a high quality meal or high protein supplement, a BCAA supplement will assist to intensify the advantages of those amino acids to your muscles.

Occasionally you can eat less protein, whilst you will still be able to reap the benefits of a muscle-supporting high-quality protein intake. This will enable you to minimize the effects of muscle breakdown of consuming too much protein.

We think amino acids benefits for muscles are awesome!

Amino Acids Benefits For Muscles

There is no secret weapon to use when it comes to building muscle faster. However, consuming BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids) whilst working out may be the nearest thing to a secret potion.

This is due to the fact that these amino acids, which are proteins’ essential building blocks, are preventing the muscle tissue to break down, whilst it is encouraging the process of muscle protein synthesis which stimulates new muscle tissue.

Best Amino Acid Supplements

We already mentioned the nine amino acids which are vital and can’t be synthesised. Again we just want to emphasize that the last 3 on our list are vital should you be training to increase your muscle mass: isoleucine, lysine & leucine.

Collectively known as BCAA’s, they indeed play the greatest role to form new muscle tissue. Here is how they work.

What do BCAA’s do?

Bodybuilders and athletes are known for using BCAA’s for a long period for achieving the following benefits:

1) Increased muscular hypertrophy

2) Increased protein synthesis

3) Heightened muscle endurance

4) Improved exercise recovery

5) Increased energy

6) Improvement of glucose disposal

7) Increased gluconeogenesis, which is the process of metabolism from which glucose is coming from non-carbohydrate resources.

According to research BCAA’s are beneficial in taking part in some sports due to the fact that they may improve hand-eye coordination. We hope you will take notice of when to take amino acids

Do You Need Amino Acids?

If you are eating a rich protein diet, you are already consuming them; you need amino acids as they form proteins’ building blocks.

Red & white meat, eggs and fish are very good sources. However, if you are weight training and want the full benefits of muscle protein synthesis stimulation, whilst preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, you may add a BCAA-supplement.

You can also consider adding a BCAA when you are following any fasted cardio-training for the limitation of muscle catabolism.

The perfect way for supplementation with BCAA’s is to use a product which provides a 2:1:1 rate of leucine – isoleucine – valine.

This combination has been proven to be highly efficient for muscle maintenance, performance and growth benefits. Blend 200 ml water with 10 gram of BCAA powder in a shake and consume before or / and during your workout session which will keep your muscles fuelled.

From the above-mentioned facts it is absolutely clear which are the best amino acids for muscle growth.

Can Food Provide BCAA’s Naturally?

The following foods can provide branched-chain amino acids:

 Beef, fish, chicken & eggs
 Milk, whey & soy proteins
 Chickpeas
 Baked beans & lima beans
 Whole wheat
 Lentils
 Brazil nuts, cashews and almonds
 Pumpkin seeds
 Brown rice

Are there Risks Involved by Consuming Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

Amino Acids Side Effects

When consumed for a period of about 6-months, BCAA’s oral supplements were not often associated with damaging side effects. Notwithstanding, some side effects can include:

 Headache
 Pain
 Nausea

Risks of BCAA’s

It is possible that BCAA’s can intervene with your blood glucose levels both during as well as after undergoing surgery. Your risk may be increased if you are an alcoholic or having branched-chain ketoaciduria

Breastfeeding or pregnant women should also avoid using BCAA’s.

The possibility to experience amino acids side effects is actually small.


First consult with your doctor, when you are using:

 Parkinson’s medicines
 Diabetes medication
 Thyroid hormone
 Corticosteroids
 Proglycem – diazoxide

You should also tell your doctor whether you are taking any supplements, including natural supplements. That will enable your doctor to look if there will be any potential interactions or side effects both with foods or medications. The doctor will inform you whether the supplement may heighten your risk.

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA. However, an injectable BCAA was approved for counteracting the loss of nitrogen.

Amino Acids Benefits For Hair

Want to stimulate hair growth? Include amino acids into your diet. Keratin is the protein of which our hair consists. In turn keratin consists of amino acids.

How Amino Acids Enhance your Hair Growth

As already mentioned, keratin consists of amino acids, the hair’s building block. However, this occurs when there is a collection of some amino acids. Then keratinisation takes place which creates keratin prior to when the hair is emerging from the scalp. However, that is not the only function of amino acids.

Amino Acids Benefits For Hair

Credit: Pixabay

Amino acids plays a major role in producing red blood cells. The higher the count of your red blood cells, the better. Although your entire body uses them, red blood cells are delivering nutrients to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Above in the article we mentioned the 20 important amino acids, which include the essential and non-essential ones. However the following 4 amino acids are seen as the best for creating keratin:  lysine, cysteine, methionine and arginine.

The Top 4 Amino Acids To Stimulate Hair Growth

 Cysteine

According to the opinions of the majority of doctors cysteine is considered the most vital amino acid for stimulating hair growth. It has the biggest element of keratin.

However, cysteine is excellent to improve the strength of your hair. It supplies sulphur to the hair cells, which may result in the improvement of your hair’s texture, strength & elasticity. Stronger hair grows faster and longer. When cysteine is working, the growth of your hair becomes more noticeable.

The following foods have this amino acid: broccoli, chicken as well as dairy products such as yoghurt & milk. Cysteine falls in the essential amino acid group, which means that your body can’t create it. Therefore, you should ensure that you are including it in your diet.

 Lysine

Lysine, also an essential amino acid has restorative qualities. Lysine stimulates the production of collagen which plays a major role when you consider that the creation of collagen drop drastically as you are aging. With the production of more collagen by your body, your hair will appear more resilient & much healthier.

A lot of women who increase their consumption of Lysine experience more voluminous and bouncier hair. Lysine is a principal amino acid which you want to include in your diet in ample amounts. The following foods contain Lysine: seafood, cheese and meats.

 Arginine

Arginine is naturally produced by your body; therefore it falls into the non-essential group of amino acids. The role of Arginine is the maintenance of healthy blood flow. It is found in red meat, dairy products and nuts.

Arginine poses to be highly beneficial for healthy growing hair because it stimulates the circulation of blood to the hair follicles. These benefits all nutrients produce & digest by your body to reach your scalp. With good blood circulation, a better environment is created to improve hair growth.

 Methionine

Methionine assists to produce pre-collagen and acts as an antecedent of collagen. Furthermore, it also functions as an antioxidant assisting in the prevention of oxidation stress, which is an imbalance.

Methionine, falling into the essential amino acid group, is not just a great compound for hair loss, but it was suggested that it might play a part in the slow down of greying hair.

From our descriptions above, you would have noticed these 4 key amino acids to enhance hair growth, are found in protein sources in your diet. You should consume more foods, like diary, nuts and meats, when you observe thinning hair or when your hair is less voluminous than before.

Are you following a restrictive diet, or in case you are a vegetarian? It is advisable to look at your consumption of amino acids. Balance your diet purposely and ensure that you consume the amino acids required for the maintenance of healthy hair.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking action to make drastic changes. Amino acids can just be the secret to boost healthy hair!

Taking the above-mentioned into consideration, amino acids benefits for hair are amazing!


Amino Acids, being the building blocks of protein, are vital for maintaining a healthy body which functions optimally. Falling in two main groups, essential & non-essential amino acids, they are crucial for everyone.

Following a balanced diet is also of optimal importance and for those individuals who are vegetarians or other who is following a restrictive diet should take into account amino acids nutrition facts.

It is advisable to consume rich amino acids foods to be sure that you have an ample amount of these important compounds, as essential amino-acids are not produced by the human body.

For bodybuilders, new gym members, Cross-Trainers or endurance enthusiasts it can be beneficial to consume BCAA supplements to enhance their performance or for amino acids benefits for muscle-building.

All this proves the crucial role which amino acids play in our body’s functioning and our primary health. If you have a deficiency in amino acids take measures to correct it.

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