BEST 27+ Banana Health Benefits You Should Know About (No. 19 is GREAT)

Banana is a delicious and highly popular fruit and with its variety of health benefits, it can easily become your quick-fix food.

The U.S. Census Bureau stated that American citizens consume more bananas every year!

It is an easy to grab food and can conveniently be carried in your briefcase or handbag.

The marvellous banana has a variety of health benefits and we are of the opinion that you should take notice of it!

What Is a Banana?

What is Banana? – A Brief History: Bananas can be traced back to 327 B.C., although we believe that it might even be more ancient. The banana originates from the South-East of Asia and was taken to the west by Arab conquerors.



In 1834, the mass production of bananas started. The banana fruit’s popularity showed a massive increase by the 1880’s and recently the organic banana’s demand reached an enormous 152,000 tons during 2003 and soaring to 18 million tons during 2015!

Bananas have an elongated shape with a slight curve. This delicious fruit has an outer peel which is easy to remove, showing its white to yellowish flesh.

Banana Scientific Name

Bananas Scientific Name is Musa acuminate which grow almost at the plant’s top, in clusters. The banana tree poses to be the world’s largest herbaceous flowering plant.

The banana fruit comes in a variety of colours like yellow, green, red and when it is ripe, brown. The banana tree’s fruit can be consumed directly when ripe, whilst it can be used in juices, shakes & fruit salads Like Avocado fruit.

However, unripe bananas may be the cause of extreme indigestion and should be cooked before you eat it.

When you need a rapid energy burst, the banana is the perfect snack, whilst it is also popular as a topping for your cereal at breakfast.

Nowadays, bananas are grown worldwide in over 100 countries. The fruit of the banana can be used for making fibre, or in a banana wine, whilst it is even part of ornamental decorations.

When it comes to plantains, the principal difference between plantains & bananas is the fact that plantains are denser, smaller and starchier fruits which are traditionally consumed in Asia as well as other tropical countries.

In general bananas are more found in America and Europe, whilst they are desert fruits.

Banana Nutritional Information

A single serving or 126-grams of banana has 110 calories, of which 30 grams are carbohydrates. They don’t contain any fat & cholesterol, whilst bananas are rich in potassium, dietary fibre and protein. It has an insignificant content of sodium.

The nutritional content of the banana fruit includes vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and trace amounts of more vitamins. Bananas are a rich source of minerals such as calcium phosphorus, magnesium, manganese & copper.

The nutrients of a 100 gram banana: (2,000 calorie diet)

 Calories (89)
 Sodium (1mg)
 Saturated fat (0.1g)
 Sugar (12g)
 Carbohydrate (23g)
 Vitamin A (1%)
 Protein (1.1g)
 Vitamin C (14%)
 Vitamin B6 (20%)
 Magnesium ((6%)
 Iron (1%)

Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are considered as an extremely healthy fruit and their excellent health benefits, are listed below:

1. Enhancing the Cardiovascular System

To live a healthy life it is essential that you have a strong heart. By consuming bananas on a daily basis can ensure that your heart stays in a good condition. According to research the potassium content in bananas assist to keep a regular heart beat.

Potassium’s function is to contract the muscles, whilst ensuring that your nerve cells deliver a good response. It can also nullify sodium’s effects on your blood pressure. Thus, we can state that it is ensuring the overall protection of your heart.

The fibre content in bananas scratches the surplus cholesterol from the blood vessels and arteries, which decrease the stress on your cardiovascular system.

Foods, rich in potassium, like bananas, are known for reducing the risk of suffering strokes in older females as per a study during 2014 & published in Stroke, the American Heart Association’s journal.

2. Assist in Weight Loss

Metabolic Cooking

Nowadays, obesity is taking on epidemic dimensions in America. Bananas can assist you to lose weight or to curb your calorie intake. The calorie content of one banana is about 90 calories, whilst it is rich in fibre.

Bananas contain no fat and are easily digested. The banana fruit contains multiple nutrients, whilst it is filling and will keep you satiated. Its roughage inhibits the release of ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone. Thus, bananas are the perfect food to add to your diet.

3. Improves Psychological Health

Psychological Health


Bananas which are rich in potassium can assist to improve your psychological health too. This nutrient delivers oxygen to your brain. The magnesium content in bananas will aid you to keep your mind clear and sharp as it is its function to ensure that proper electrical activity exists between the brain’s nerve cells.

Furthermore, it also assists the brain to get rid of waste products such as ammonia and eliminates it from the body. When the ammonia level within your brain is reduced, it will spontaneously become more attentive and sharper.

4. Boosts Energy

Bananas contain antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. These 3 ingredients create instant energy within your body’s system. According to research done at the Appalachian State University, bananas are a greater energy source compared to expensive sports drinks. This study was published during 2012 in PLos ONE.

People who are working out regularly include bananas in their exercise regime. The starch content in bananas is capable of converting blood sugar into energy, due to the fact that it improves the body’s response to insulin.

Eating bananas is ideal to get rid of the sluggish and tired feeling during the afternoon. Leave the sugary snack or coffee alone and go for the banana instead.

Whilst your energy level shall last longer, you won’t experience the crash which is caused by either cake or caffeine.

Eating two bananas will provide you with sufficient calories for a walk or workout of 1 to one and a half hours.

5. Enhances the Digestive System

Digestive System


Eating well-ripened bananas will assist your digestive system and improve your bowel movements. Bananas contain a lot of fibre which cleans your gut whilst eliminating constipation.

According to a Chinese study during 2014, bananas are a good source to improve the motion of waste products via the bowels. This study was published in Medicinal Food’s journal.

Furthermore, bananas are fighting diarrhoea, whilst restoring the potassium & electrolyte levels which may have come down. Take into consideration that unripe bananas may cause constipation.

6. Treats Asthma

Treats Asthma


Eating a banana on a daily basis can keep asthma under control. Research showed that children who eat one banana per day’s asthma risk were reduced by 34%.

7. Strengthening Bones

To experience skeletal health it is vital to maintain strong bones. Your skeleton contains all the calcium that is required and when needed it slowly release the calcium into your blood stream.

However, for maintaining strong and healthy bones, much more is needed than only calcium. As bananas have vitamin B6, vitamin C & potassium, which are the three essential nutrients for maintaining strong bones, eat bananas on a daily basis, reduces your chances of suffering from osteoporosis.

8. Boosting Mood & Preserves Memory

Tryptophan, an amino acid contained in bananas acts a crucial role in preserving your memory, whilst boosting your mood. In addition, vitamin B6 assists you to get a good night’s sleep, whilst magnesium aids to relax your muscles.

9. Boost the Immunity System

Bananas are loaded with a variety of nutrients and minerals, including: zinc, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin A, Selenium, vitamin C and protein. These are all substances which strengthen the body’s immune system, whilst promoting your overall health.

10. Fighting Cancer

A Japanese study found that a banana which is fully ripe, having the black spots on the peel, contains a special cancer-fighting nutrient. This nutrient is called the Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF). More studies also revealed that eating bananas as well as other fresh fruits are keeping your kidneys healthy & kidney cancer under control.
Bananas also assist in the prevention of colon-rectal cancer whilst it reduces unhealthy digestive conditions. Bananas have a high fibre content which assist bulking up the stool whilst stimulating the peristaltic movement of the body, which promotes your bowel movements via your intestinal tract.

11. Treats Anaemia

Bananas have a high content of iron and assist in the treatment of anaemia as iron is a crucial part of the body’s red blood cells. However, bananas are also rich in copper, a vital element when it comes to the creating of red blood cells.

When increasing the count of the red blood cells it’s not just preventing anaemia, but the circulation throughout the body is also increased leading to oxygenation, whilst their functionality is optimized.

12. Anti-inflammatory Qualities

The compounds contained in bananas have anti-inflammatory qualities, which mean that inflammation, irritation & swelling caused by disorders like gout & arthritis can be reduced.

13. Enhances Ocular Health

Research proved that when adults add bananas to their diet regimen, their chances to develop age-related muscular degeneration (ARMD) is reduced by 36%. This disease is a large cause resulting in the deterioration of older people’s vision.

14. Improving Vision

Improving Vision


Bananas, alike a lot of other fruits, are loaded with carotenoids & antioxidants and a healthy mineral mixture which is able to boost eye-health tremendously. Cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma & night blindness showed a decrease with the normal consumption of bananas & other similar fruits.

15. Prevents Kidney Diseases

The variety of antioxidants & potassium within bananas assist to ease the stress on kidneys, whilst encouraging urination. This may result in keeping toxins from accumulating within your body.

16. Treating Ulcers

Conventionally, bananas were used to alleviate upset stomachs, as it is also an antacid food which subdues acid secretion. Protease inhibitors within bananas are eliminating the damaging bacteria which are associated with the forming of stomach ulcers.

Mucus within your digestive tract is increased by eating bananas, which can even prevent or assist to heal stomach ulcers says David Williams, a chiropractor and Alternative health researcher.

They are assisting to decrease any irritation within your digestive system. It leaves a protective coat within the digestive tract’s inner walls and promotes intestinal health in a natural manner.

Due to its qualities to neutralize acid, it will help you getting rid of heartburn too.

17. Treating Haemorrhoids (Piles)

Bananas are a natural remedy which can be used for the treatment of piles. The rich fibre content also makes it easier to pass stools. Its natural laxative effect prevents strain, whilst alleviating and curing haemorrhoids which are bloated veins around your anus area.

18. Alleviating Menstrual Problems

Bananas also have benefits for women when it comes to alleviating menstrual problems. Cooking the flowers of the banana and consuming it will give relief from excessive and painful bleeding when menstruating.

Bananas contain a lot of vitamin B6, which according to certain studies may decrease PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms (National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements – ODS).

19. Promoting Weight Gain

People who need to gain weight can use bananas to achieve it. Consuming bananas with milk, will lead to rapid weight gain. Whilst milk is providing the required proteins, bananas deliver the sugars.

A person who needs to gain weigh can eat 5 to 6 bananas on a daily basis in addition to regular meals without experiencing indigestion. This will result in consuming an additional 500 to 600 calories that is required to gain weight.

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In view of the fact that bananas can provide energy instantly, sportsmen and –women consume bananas for extra energy during breaks in their workouts or games.

20. Fighting Morning Sickness

Another benefit of bananas for women is that it eases morning sickness. Bananas have calming qualities which are linked to vitamin B6. Pregnant women frequently eat it in combating morning sickness during their early stage of pregnancy as reported by Anar Allidina, a dietician from Richmond Hill in Canada.

21. Alleviating Itching

Certain people report that the swelling & itching caused by insect bites can be alleviated by rubbing a banana peels’ inside on the affected area.

Although the study is unconfirmed, you can try this without losing anything.

22. Remedy for Hangovers

Having a hangover? The ability of bananas to restore the body’s vitamins, due to its natural ingredients, is a perfect way in reducing a hangover’s effects.

Place some bananas in your blender, adding some plain yogurt & honey for a sweet taste. The fruit has a calming effect on the stomach whilst the honey assists in restoring your blood sugar levels back to normal again.

23. Great for Home Remedies

Bananas can be used for multiple home remedies. Because of their enriching qualities it makes a great mask for your skin after mashing it and directly applying it.

24. Curing Diabetes



Approximately 3-grams dietary fibre is provided by a banana, which is advantageous for type 1 & type 2 diabetics. Whilst type 1 diabetics may experience lower levels of blood glucose, type 2 sufferers may experience that their blood glucose levels are improving.

25. Treating Warts

The banana’s peel has healing effects on flat, plantar & common warts. Having a wart? Tape the peel of a banana over it prior to bed time, according to the Medical Centre of the Maryland University.

26. A Super Food

Bananas can be seen as a super food and the saying should be altered to one banana per day does keep the doctor away, which is associated with an apple.

The health benefits of bananas are much more compared to apples, containing a lot more nutrients & vitamins than apples.

Bananas contain five times more iron & Vitamin A, three times more phosphorus and two times more carbohydrates compared to apples. Furthermore, bananas have a rich content of fibre, natural sugars & potassium.

Overall good health can be maintained by consuming bananas due to their potassium, vitamin C as well as other minerals and vitamins they contain.

Healthy blood glucose levels can be maintained due to the fact that fibre balances the sugar content in bananas. People suffering from diabetes may eat a banana says the Diabetes Association of America.

This super food should be incorporated in a healthy eating plan because of it’s wealth in nutrients.

27. Bananas can give you a Smiling Face

Smiling Face

An amino acid, tryptophan is contained in bananas in a small quantity. When tryptophan is combined with vitamin B6, a natural ingredient in bananas, the good-feel hormone, serotonin is produced.

This substance which regulates your mood may assist your body & mind to relax, resulting in feeling happier.

However, it can also be the banana’s yellow bright colour & curvy smile shape which is the secret says Joannie Dobbs; Ph.D, CNS a nutritionist at the Hawaii University.

Banana Benefits And Side Effects

Eating bananas can result in some side effects, such as: Below are short discussions about a few of these side-effects. Whilst others are just mentioned:

 Allergic Reaction

People who have an allergic reaction to bananas can experience, swelling, itching, wheezing within the mouth & throat and hives.

 High Levels of Potassium

Some medications prescribed for hypertension and heart disease are able to raise the body’s potassium levels. Such medications are diuretics and beta-blockers. People who use medicine should consult their doctor before they add bananas to their eating plan.

 Migraine Headaches

Individuals suffering from migraine attacks should not consume more than a half of a banana daily.

 Gastrointestinal Distress

Because of the abundance of fibre, consuming too many bananas can result in a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. These disorders include bloating and  stomach cramps.

Other possible side effects include: hyperkalemia, weight gain, drowsiness, ragweed allergy, tooth decay, respiratory problems, nerve damage, constipation, abdominal pain, hypersensitivity in people allergic to latex, anaphylactic shock, threat of type-2 diabetes.

However, side-effects are not common and weighing the benefits of bananas against the side-effects, it is clear that the benefits far outweighed the probable side-effects. Eating bananas in a sensible way can benefit your health significantly.

Banana Benefits For Men

Bananas have a great impact on the functionality of the sexual system of the male whilst it is considered a type of aphrodisiac.

Bananas can significantly strengthen potency, especially for older men who aspire to maximize their sexual activity naturally.

Bananas also improve: seminal fluid’s quality; increasing excitability; increasing the amount of active spermatozoa; strengthen the general health as multiple stressful situations may result in impotency.

Bananas which contain magnesium can overcome depressive conditions & nervous disorders when it occurs. By increasing energy, the possibility exists to increase the time span of sexual contact.

Men who experience problems linked to potency should eat approximately three bananas on a daily basis to accomplish the maximum effect, whilst it should be consumed regularly.


Banana Benefits For Womens

Bananas which are rich in vitamin B6, potassium, fibre and vitamin C help to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women.

More banana benefits for pregnant women:

Rich Source Of Calcium

Banana of 200-grams contains approximately 10mg natural calcium. Calcium is essential for developing strong bones, whilst helpful to accelerating the neurotransmitter within the muscle contraction process in the growth of the foetus inside the womb.

Boosts Energy

Bananas give instant energy to pregnant women, particularly in combination with milk. Moreover, for mothers in their last trimester & postpartum stages, it contains approximately 28-grams of sugar within every 225-gram. Glucose, sucrose & fructose, 3 natural sugars boost pregnant women’s energy.

Folic Acid

Folic acid’s benefits for a pregnant woman can never be over-emphasised, because of its major role when it comes to the development of the brain, spine & nerves. Bananas assist in preventing a deficiency in folic acid which can cause a premature birth, whilst also reducing the risk of birth-defects.

Reduces Anaemia

Anaemia is the deficiency of the body’s red blood cells. It commonly occurs in pregnant women whilst it can cause some complications with childbirth and during the pregnancy’s last stages.

In 225-grams of banana there is approximately 3% iron which creates haemoglobin, reducing anaemia.

Reduces Disorders of the Digestive System

Constipation is becoming increasingly common in pregnant women. Bananas assist in reducing abdominal bloating, whilst it smoothes the bowel movement. Thus, increasing their consumption of banana which is rich in fibre, pregnant women can avoid constipation.

Banana Benefits For Skin

The humble banana offers a lot of beauty benefits for your skin. Bananas contain powerful phytochemicals, antioxidants and moisture. It has the ability to revitalize and nourish dry skin, whilst it can smooth aging & rough skin.

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, use it topically to control oil, whilst reducing breakouts.

It is a great skin moisturizer due to its richness in potassium & moisture which will moisturize and hydrate a dry skin.

For an oily and greasy skin you can use a banana face mask together with honey and lemon juice for great oily skin.

The banana fruit is also a good exfoliator assisting to slough off the excess sebum on your skin’s surface.

Bananas contain potassium, vitamins E & C and moisture. All of these substances promote a glowing and clear skin.

Due to its anti-aging effects, bananas are also called the botox of nature, containing superior wrinkle fighting nutrients which assist to prevent fine wrinkles & lines from forming and helps with the fading of age spots.

Bananas together with its peels pose to be excellent homemade remedies to treat pimples and acne. Directly apply a banana peels inside onto your acne which will destroy bacteria, whilst reducing inflammation.

Bananas have the ability to lighten dark spots like tiny moles, acne scars, age spots or just some dark spots which give your face a dull look.

Benefits Of Banana For Hair

Bananas are rich in qualities which will nourish your tresses whilst healing it simultaneously. Bananas have the ability to:

 Treat damaged hair
 Control hair loss
 Strengthening hair and give it shine
 Control oiliness
 Moisturising the scalp

Ripe Banana Benefits

Ripe Banana Benefits


Bananas which are over-ripe are easier digested by the body. However, bananas which are slightly over-ripe are a better choice for any person who struggles with the digestion of food.

As reported by The Verge, a greener banana consists of more resistant starch, indigestible for humans, but added that it can be good because it is liked by good gut bacteria.

When a banana is fully brown, it is filled with antioxidants. A Spoon University article stated that when the banana becomes fully brown, all the starch was broken down and turned into sugar, these over-ripe bananas are much sweeter and that this is the reason why people are frequently baking with mushy bananas, whilst chlorophyll took on a new form.

When chlorophyll is breaking down the antioxidant levels will increase as the bananas age. According to the article a banana which is fully brown is a powerhouse of antioxidants.

Banana Varieties

More than 1,000 banana varieties are growing throughout the world, whilst approximately half of them are edible. These varieties are divided into 50-groups. Two varieties we briefly want to mention are the Saba and Cavendish banana.

Saba Banana

The saba banana is a triploid hybrid which is predominantly used in the Philippines as well as more South Asian nations for cooking. However, it can be consumed raw too if you prefer to enjoy its full nutritional benefits.

Sometimes it is called a cardaba banana. The saba banana is square & blocky in shape, smaller than the majority of bananas and has the yellow traditional peel & exterior.

The saba banana’s scientific name is Musa acuminate x balbisiana. Saba bananas are most frequently used in traditional desserts.

Cavendish Banana

The Cavendish bananas are consumed as fruit. Its name may hint that the fruit comes from abroad. Cavendish bananas in the supermarkets are actually imported fruit. The jenispisang Cavendish banana is found in Indonesia, also known as banana Ambon White.

Cavendish bananas have a distinctive taste and are highly popular. The Cavendish bananas which are developed via tissue culture pose to be more disease-resistant.

The Cavendish banana’s scientific name is Musa Acuminata. The Cavendish banana owes its name to William Cavendish, who was the sixth Duke of Devonshire.

Browse the Internet for the recipes for hair- and face masks as well as delicious banana dishes and desserts. Consuming this simple, but amazing fruit sensibly will provide an abundance of health benefits!

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