What Is Daikon? TOP 27 Amazing Daikon Health Benefits For (Men & Women)

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What is Daikon?

What is Daikon

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Daikon is an early ripening root, which belongs to the subspecies of the radish of a sowing plant. Daikon is a major kind of radish. Daikon is commonly known as the beautiful long white radish. In translation from Japanese, Daikon means Big root. Daikon is long up to 30-40 centimeters and they are round with a diameter of up to 10 to 15cm. Daikon is a vegetable from Japan, where it is eaten daily. This ingredient is present in their mostly recipes. This is the fifth part of the whole Japanese vegetable menu. Daikon does not contain mustard oil. Daikon has a very mild flavor. We can eat the roots of daikon. We can use fresh, salted, marinated, boiled or for salad. Chinese borrows the daikon from Japan. They also use daikon in different Recipes. They cut the daikon into small pieces and add it to various dishes.

Daikon Nutrition

Daikon Nutrition

Daikon is very useful because of its natural properties. It is a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, K, and protein. Daikon contains a lot of potassium and calcium which remove excess water from the body. It contains enzymes that help digestion, phytoncides that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Fiber is present in it which cleanses the liver and kidneys from stones and heavy metal salts. There is no mustard oil present in the daikon, which gives it a keen taste. You should eat daikon at least once a day. It is a natural source of most of the elements that are necessary for the improvement of our body.

Daikon has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, which makes it an effective tool for fighting colds and infectious diseases. Daikon can be used to fight against atherosclerosis and rheumatism. Daikon contains a very low number of glycosides; therefore, it does not excite heart activity and can be used by everyone without exception. Due to the high content of vitamins, daikon strengthens the immunity system of our body. And its phytoncides kill microbes. Daikon removes excess fluid from the body, stimulates the work of the stomach and intestines and it can dissolve stones in the gallbladder.

• Daikon is a low-calorie product. The 85gr. root crop has only 18 kilocalories, but it is very rich in vitamin C.

• It is proved that daikon contains an enzyme that promotes the digestion of starchy foods.

• Also contains a sufficient amount of phytoncides, they have a detrimental effect on microbes. It still shows a protective effect against various infections.

• Potassium salts which are present in the root, remove excess fluid, slags, toxic products from the body.

• It also contains protein compounds, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous salts, pectin substances, iron.

• It is important for the optimal functioning of the metabolism of amylase, esterase, and enzymes.

• The daikon is also necessary for people with diabetes, because of the fructose contained in it.

• The useful qualities of daikon are very important for nutrition and active life of people.

Daikon Health Benefits

Daikon Health Benefits

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Like many other vegetables, daikon is famous for its fiber content. It is a natural cleaner of any organism. Therefore, regardless of sex, age, weight, and other parameters, a person should use it regularly. It will gently remove toxins and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Daikon has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps restore mental balance and concentration. The large content of calcium, irreplaceable for bones, teeth, and hair. It can be used as a means of cleansing the kidneys and liver, as under its influence are able to dissolve the stones formed in the kidneys. It has antiseptic and antibacterial action. It is one of the best food for the prevention from disease of cancer. Daikon is indispensable in dietary nutrition. It suppresses hunger and contains special enzymes that degrade starch. Not to include in the diet of people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract due to the high fiber content, which is difficult to digest. Due to its natural values, some researchers claim that a raw daikon neutralizes the effects of radioactive radiation. Daikon should be an important part of your diet if we want to achieve all the above mention benefits.

If you regularly eat daikon, you can get the following results:

• Improvement of digestion and intestinal motility.

• Lowering cholesterol in the blood.

• Daikon helps in normalization of blood pressure.

• An increase in the tone of the blood vessels and the elasticity of their walls.

• Purification of the bile ducts and improvement of liver function.

• Relieving tension and improving sleep.

• An increase in working capacity.

• Elimination of heavy elements and increased resistance to irradiation of the body (relevant for the treatment of cancer).

• Ensuring the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

• Increased resistance to infectious and catarrhal diseases.

Benefits of Daikon for Digestive system

Daikon contains essential elements that are like enzymes found in the digestive tract of human body, such as amylases and esterase. They help to effectively assimilate complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This reduces the amount of constipation and increases the absorption efficiency of nutrients in the intestine. This product contains potassium, which helps to remove excess fluid from the body, as well as remove excess sodium, which makes it possible to eliminate swelling. Since the amount of sodium in the blood decreases, the heart muscle starts to work more actively, which helps to avoid arrhythmia. Daikon is a vegetable rich in fiber. With the help of this product, toxins, slags, and excess liquid can be accelerated from the body.

Cancer Prevention

The presence of antioxidant phenolic compounds in daikon reduces the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer. Nitrosamines increase the body’s level of resistance to carcinogens. Daikon is introduced into the diet of oncological patients to stop the degradation processes during irradiation.

Benefits of Daikon for the Respiratory system

Due to a combination of antibacterial and antiviral activity, the daikon juice is ideal for fighting against problems with the respiratory system. This juice not only cleans up excess mucus but also eliminates bacteria and other pathogens, while preserving the health of the respiratory system.

Daikon Benefits For Nervous System

Daikon is very rich in vitamins C and B. It is an excellent soothing for the nervous system, improves concentration, restores mental balance.

Detoxification of the Body with Daikon

Daikon is also known as a natural diuretic. Regular use of daikon for food contributes to the purification of the kidneys, stimulating the removal of excess toxins, fats and even excess water from the body.

Healthy Bones With Daikon

Daikon is a good source of calcium, which is fundamental for strong bones. We can get strong bones if we eat daikon daily. Adding daikon to the diet helps to significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis and slows down the aging process.

Daikon Role in Cancer Prevention

Daikon contains special antioxidant compounds that diminish the rate of improvement of different kinds of tumor, particularly the stomach.

Anti-inflammatory effect of Daikon

Studies have shown that the level of anti-inflammatory compounds that are contained in the daikon juice helps to significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body. It decreases the possibility of forming joint inflammation, treats gout and mitigates care and suffering from damage or muscle strain.

Benefits Of Daikon For The Immune System

The high value of vitamin C in the daikon supports the immune framework. It empowers the arrangement of white platelets and restores all cells and tissues of the body. Vitamins from group B are a very important component that helps to keep the human nervous system in balance. These vitamins help the fetus to develop completely. It helps to regulate the level of insulin in the blood and improve memory significantly.

Daikon Benefits For Weight Loss

Nutritionists recommend eating daikon daily for people who want to lose excess weight and normalize their diet. Fiber contributes to the purification of the digestive tract, and potassium salts remove excess fluid from the body. Low-calorie daikon combined with high fiber and nutrient content makes it a good assistant in weight loss.

Daikon provides the body with essential nutrients without significantly increasing the number of calories consumed. Daikon is a dietary product; a small portion gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. Its enzymes contribute to the rapid degradation of starch. Enzymes normalize the absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Fat Diminisher

Benefits Of Daikon For Liver

If you use this food regularly, you can clean the intestines. The product contains fiber which absorbs excess slag and toxins. It then gradually removes them from the body. After the intestine is cleared of toxins, the liver begins to work more efficiently.

Use Of Daikon In Diabetes



It should be noted that the daikon has not only useful properties but also some contraindications. It is necessary to use it with diabetes with care. Most people suffer from type 2 diabetes, you can use daikon with this disease. Since in type 2 of diabetes, the patient often accumulates extra pounds. Daikon will help you to get rid of this.

The root itself has a very low glycemic index. But in addition, it contains many coarse fibers, which allow to further reduce the glycemic index of those products that are used together with the vegetable. If you combine the product with protein products, the protein assimilation process will be faster.

Health Benefits Of Daikon For Woman

Fiber and pectin, which are concentrated in the root, allow the use of daikon for the beauty purposes of woman. Insoluble fibers are digested for a very long time, which provides a person a pleasant satiety.

In the composition of this vegetable, you will find potassium. This element lowers the amount of sodium in the body, which has a diuretic effect on the body. This is very useful during pregnancy, as many women experiences swelling. Daikon helps to reduce the toxicosis in the first weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the root contains a lot of useful components that are necessary when carrying a baby. During pregnancy, the body of a pregnant woman lowers the level of selenium, it is necessary to eat daikon to make up for the lack of this component. Lack of selenium is very dangerous, as it can cause the child genetic and external changes.

Health Benefits Of Daikon For Man

Vegetables are among the powerful aphrodisiacs. With regular use, it increases libido and improves potency, helps normalize the hormonal background. It contains iodine, which improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, as well as radish, contains beta-carotene, which improves vision.

Benefits Of Daikon At Older Age

Older Age

According to doctors, the Daikon has useful properties and contraindications when you will use it after fifty years of age. There are more benefits at the older age which will be discussed in more detail. If you regularly eat this root, you can restore the necessary amount of phosphorus and calcium in the blood, which will make the bones stronger. This means that a vegetable can prevent the development of a disease such as osteoporosis.

Also, this product has a lot of antioxidants, they help to remove signs of atherosclerosis in the complex treatment of the disease. The main beneficial effect is that the daikon lowers the level of harmful cholesterol, which leads to the development of dangerous diseases of blood vessels and heart. In the older age, the immune system greatly reduces its effect. If you will use daikon daily, it will make the immunity system stronger. It will prevent frequent infection with cold and flu. In addition, selenium present in the daikon helps to eliminate bacterial infections in the body.

Beauty Properties Of Daikon

Daikon is used for the nourishment of your skin and reduce wrinkles, as well as for toning up massages. But before proceeding with the procedures, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications with daikon to your skin. To do this, apply daikon gruel to a small and inconspicuous area on ​​the body and looks at the skin reaction. If the redness does not appear, the product can be used as a component of the mask. Useful properties of root vegetables are also expressed in the fight against skin pigmentation and acne. Due to its various healing properties, it helps to heal wounds, strengthen hair and remove freckles. Compresses, lotions, and rubbing are made from it.

Get Healthy Skin With Daikon

The essential nutrient properties of the daikon will help to prevent the effects of the harmful substances on the skin. Daikon oil removes wrinkles and enhance blood distribution in the skin, and even lessen the presence of shade and age spots. It is used as a means of anti-aging in the form of a mask for the face, lotion. The antioxidant properties of the vegetable protect the body from the influence of free radicals in the cellular metabolism, which provokes the aging process, helps with skin problems. Compresses and lotions from it are used to lighten the face, reduce pigmentation and get rid of acne.

• Mask From Acne

Daikon can help with acne and scars. For this, the pulp of the daikon is ground and combined with sour cream. The product is applied to the skin and allowed to stand for 20 minutes, after which it is rinsed with clean water.

Is Daikon Good For Health?

Yes, it contains a lot of health benefits as discussed above. Those who want to preserve all the useful properties of the vegetable, it is better to use it in its raw form. The taste of the daikon is very pleasant and can perfectly combine with other products. This allows you to enter it into various dishes, for example, salads. Enzymes help to normalize the metabolism, promote the acceleration of metabolism and tissue regeneration. Phytoncides have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant effects. Vitamins and minerals help to strengthen immunity and improve health. Fiber and pectin contribute to increased intestinal peristalsis, purify the body and remove toxins. Irreplaceable amino acids are opposed to cell degeneration, the development of erosive and tumor processes. Flesh and juice are used inside and outside.

If we talk about the beneficial properties of the daikon and its contra-indications for men and women, it can be said that the product is useful to everyone, regardless of gender and age. This vegetable has antibacterial and antiviral effects on the body. In addition, there is a special protein in the daikon that helps to maintain the patient’s health during the flu and colds. The process of recovery will be much faster if you use root vegetables for food every day. In eastern countries, this product is used as a effective aphrodisiac. It is known from research that root crop helps to increase women’s desire, and in men improves potency. In addition, a person feels a surge of strength and energy after eating it.

How To Eat Daikon?

I’m going to show you Exactly How To Eat Daikon TODAY?

How To Use Daikon?

• It should be clean, fresh and healthy, without defects, cracks, and darkening.

• It is used raw as an ingredient for vegetable salads and it can be boil, stew, and fry.

• The daikon can be stored in a refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag. The vegetable can be used in a simple form. First, peel and cut it into slices or rubbed on a grater. Add salt to taste and it will be ready to eat.

• A healthy person can consume Daikon daily in moderate amounts.

• Elderly people should use it with caution, preferably in the grated form or squeezed out of juice.

• Include radish in the children’s diet from the age of three by observing the response of the body.

Daikon Taste

The original taste of the daikon is suitable for simple and refined products – meat, fish, mushrooms, and seafood. It fits perfectly with a variety of dressings and sauces with other vegetables and fruits. With reasonable use, this vegetable is necessary for every person at any age for treatment and prevention.

Daikon Recipes

Daikon Recipes

Credit: Pixabay

Dishes made from daikon have a beneficial effect on the condition and functioning of the liver and kidneys. In the juice of this vegetable, some compounds are found that can dissolve kidney stones and prevent their appearance. The daikon is popular in cooking all over the world. It is marinated, salted, added to salads, combined with vegetables, meat, cereals, fruits, and cheese. The taste of the vegetable is distributed in such a way that bitterness is closer to the top, the most refined taste is at the top, and in the middle, the taste is sweetest. Therefore, experienced chefs use different parts of daikon to make certain dishes. The taste of the daikon is tender and juicy. Chinese and Japanese cooks can offer many recipes, in which daikon is an important ingredient. We can also make such recipes to enjoy the health benefits of daikon.

Daikon And Tangerine Salad

Such a tasty salad can please both the household and the guests. It will look great on the festive table.
To make it, you will need:

• 1 apple

• 100 grams of daikon

• 6 tangerines

• Half a lemon

• 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

• Salt and vinegar

Peel the daikon and divided it into slices. Make squeeze juice of the two tangerines. Mixed the juice with mayonnaise. It will make a delicious sauce. Wash the apple, remove its core and then cut it into small slices. Gently mix all 3 things now. Put salad leaves at the bottom of the salad bowl. You can add slices of tangerines, shrimps, apple and daikon on the top of the bowl. Before serving, you can decor in the form of a slice of lemon or greens.

Spring Salad With Daikon

To prepare a salad, you will need:

• Daikon – 250-300 gram.

• White sesame – 2 tbsp.

• Dill and green onions – a bunch.

• Chopped parsley.

• Cucumber – 2 pieces.

• Pepper and salt to taste.

• Olive oil and soy sauce in a ratio of 3: 1.

Cut daikon into thin pieces. Cut cucumbers into slices. Mix all the ingredients with Daikon. Spread in a salad bowl, sprinkled with sesame seeds and poured with sauce, butter, pepper, and salt.

Recipe To Treat Constipation

The juice and leaves of this product are used to get rid of prolonged constipation. To make such a product, take a spoonful of dried leaves and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 45 minutes, and then take three times a day. You can take it immediately after meals. The course of treatment is not more than three days.

Daikon, Lemon And Ginger Salad Recipe For Weight Loss

For those who are actively engaged in losing weight, this dish will be an excellent means for burning fat.

To Make it, You Need:

• Take 1 medium daikon, a couple of cinnamon sticks, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and a root of ginger.

• Crush all ingredients and pour hot water, let it brew for 15 minutes. Take the mixture on a tablespoon 2 times a day.

• This recipe is perfect for weight loss in combination with fat burning workouts.

• For sweetness, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

You cannot use these recipes if you are suffering from the following:

• Acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract like ulcers.

• Suffering from gastritis at the stage of inflammation.

• Suffering from any kind of kidney or liver disease.

• The inflammatory process of the rectum, hemorrhoids, anal fissures.

• Vascular and heart disease.

• Individual intolerance, allergic reactions.

• Ulcers of the mouth and throat.

• Pregnancy.

Daikon Side Effects

Rough structure of the vegetable can provoke an exacerbation in diseases of the digestive system – gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, erosions, and ulcers. Daikon should be used with caution in cholelithiasis and intestinal hyperactivity. Organic acids present in the juice are not tolerated with increased acidity of the stomach. Radish can cause an allergic reaction and skin rashes. Despite the extensive useful properties, a unique crop has also some contraindications for use.

• A stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer and gastritis.

• Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and liver.

• Serious metabolic disorders caused by a malfunction in the work of various glands and changes in the hormonal background.

• If you eat a large portion of this vegetable than you will develop unpleasant gases in the intestines.

• For cosmetic purposes, it is not recommended to use daikon if there is rosacea, thinning of the skin due to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. People can face side effects who diagnosed with eczema, dermatitis and other types of skin diseases.

• You can observe the allergic reactions before using it regularly.

• Children under 3 years should not eat daikon.

• Pregnant and lactating women should eat daikon with some precautions because the body can be sensitive at this time.

It will provide excellent help in promoting health and increasing longevity if you will follow the instructions. Only a doctor can prescribe a diet that considers the patient’s state of health and the absence of contraindications. In pursuit of beauty, listen to the voice of reason and entrust the composition of your diet to a professional. An improper diet can do more harm. There may be more health problems.

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