TOP 25 Powerful Eucalyptus Oil Benefits & Uses For Health! (No. 19 is WOW)

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to show you exactly What is Eucalyptus Essential Oil? What Is Eucalyptus Oil Good For? Plus, TOP 25+ Amazing Eucalyptus Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health.

Specifically, I’m going to show you BEST 25 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil & Uses, According To A Nutritionist

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which is derived from the Eucalyptus globulus tree, native to Australia is boasting to have a list of potent traditional uses. Eucalyptus was used by the Aboriginal Australians to cure fungal infections, heal wounds, fever reducer, to mention just a few!

When you read all about its potent benefits, you will know why every household should have this amazing oil in their medical kit!

What Is Eucalyptus Oil?

The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are used to distil the beneficial eucalyptus oil. The eucalyptus tree, a native Australian tree, belongs to the Myrtaceae plant family. Originally it was also found in Tasmania as well as on islands in the vicinity.

The eucalypti species consisted of more than 500 varieties. However, the eucalyptus essential oils which are obtained for its medicinal qualities are from the Eucalyptus globulus & Eucalyptus salicifolia. It is also known as gum tree or fever tree.

The eucalyptus tree’s bark is also used in Australia for producing paper, and the wood as timber and fuel, besides extracting its essential oils.

Eucalyptus oil was traditionally exploited as a pain-relieving agent and was especially valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, whilst it was improving respiratory conditions.

Nowadays, the uses and benefits of eucalyptus oil are extensive. The oil is widely used in perfumes, vapour rubs, healing ointments and cleaning products.

However, 1.8 cineole or eucalyptol makes up about 70 to 90% of eucalyptus oil’s content and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as pain-relieving effects.

Eucalyptus also has the capability to fight, viral, bacterial & fungal infections, whilst also assist in clearing up the respiratory tract against the build-up of mucus.

The best procedure to extract the oils to maintain its wide range of useful compounds is cold extraction, frequently using CO2. Other methods like steam distillation where volatile chemicals or high heat are used won’t produce similar levels of beneficial combinations.

Eucalyptus oil is colourless whilst having a strong woody & sweet scent. Nowadays, approximately 5 percent of the oil is coming from Australia, whilst China contributes the other 95 percent. In Hindi, eucalyptus oil is called Nilgiri tel.

Eucalyptus essential oil is advantageous to our health, whilst it can be utilized as:

 Antibacterial
 Analgesic
 Anti-infectious
 Anticatarrhal
 Antiviral agent
 Anti-inflammatory
 Insecticidal
 Antispasmodic
 Expectorant

Naturopaths are using eucalyptus oil extensively!

We believe this will provide more insight to some people’s question: what is eucalyptus essential oil?

Eucalyptus Oil Benefits

Eucalyptus Oil is Great for your health. Here are The Best health benefits of eucalyptus oil, According To A Nutritionist:

1. Treats Flu and Colds

Eucalyptus essential oil poses to be highly efficient to treat various infections of the respiratory tract which include: coughing, colds, sore throat, running nose, sinusitis, nasal congestion and bronchitis.

A research study showed its ability to inhibit bacteria like H influenza, S pneumonia & Para-influenza which cause fever, sinus infections and flu. Eucalyptus oil assists with decongesting sinuses due to is expectorant properties.

For treating colds, just add some drops of eucalyptus oil into hot water and then inhale its steam; otherwise you can add the oil to your diffuser.

On the other hand, you can rub a small amount of oil on your pillow which will ensure that you will enjoy a good night’s sleep when you are experiencing a wet cough and congestion.

This discussion demonstrates the benefits of eucalyptus oil for pain.

2. Treating Asthma

The cineole within eucalyptus oil which has anti-inflammatory properties will assist to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

By massaging 1 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil onto your chest, you will experience that the aroma has a soothing effect, whilst the vapours will dilate blood vessels and calm your throat, allowing the flow of more oxygen to your lungs which will restore normal breathing.

Alleviating asthma is an amazing eucalyptus oil use!

3. Healing Wounds

When exposing eucalyptus essential oil to air, the forming of an ozone layer will follow turning the eucalyptus oil into a powerful antiseptic. Thus, it is utilized to heal ulcers, wounds, cuts, burns cold sores and abrasions.

It poses to be an efficient ointment to use for stings and insect bites. It also protects the irritated area or open wound against developing infections because of the exposure to air and microbial activity. Another one of the awesome eucalyptus oil benefits!

4. Boost Brain Function

Eucalyptus oil is generally used for the stimulation of alertness and mental activity. The oil is regarded as a vasodilator, which increases your blood flow as a result of the blood vessels which are relaxing, whilst allowing more blood for circulation. An increased blood flow to your brain, results in more brain power.

The eucalyptus oil is usually used in classrooms to be a source of aromatherapy to enhance the students’ performances, which is another one of the eucalyptus essential oil benefits.

5. Alleviates Muscle Pain

The vaporous eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties. Massage the oil on the affected area when you experience soreness or muscle pain using circular movements for the alleviation of pain and stress. What a great benefit of eucalyptus oil for pain.

6. Enhances Mental Clarity

Eucalyptus essential oil, which is a stimulant, assists to alleviate mental sluggishness and exhaustion, whilst rejuvenating people who are feeling sick.

It can be efficient in treating mental disorders and stress because when you are inhaling its vapour, it helps to heighten your blood circulation to your brain.

It can also clear your airways, allowing more oxygen to the lungs, whilst relieving brain fog, a wonderful eucalyptus oil use!

7. Treating Joint Pain

Eucalyptus oil is frequently suggested for patients who are suffering from lumbago, rheumatism, stiff muscles, fibrosis, aches sprained ligaments & tendons and nerve pain.

This oil helps increasing blood circulation due to the fact that it’s a stimulant, and provides pain relief. A scientific study revealed that inhaling eucalyptus oil’s vapour can decrease swelling, inflammation and pain in patients who had knee replacement surgery.

Eucalyptus oil for pain can offer alleviation to all the above-mentioned conditions!

8. Treats Shingles

Use Eucalyptus essential oil for the treatment of shingles. Due to the fact that eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory & antiviral agent, it assists in easing the pain which is caused by the eruption, because it has potent analgesic qualities. It can be used on a hot compress or add some oil to a hot bath. A great eucalyptus oil use for a painful condition.

9. Dental Care

Eucalyptus oil is highly sufficient when using it against dental plaque, cavities, halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis as well as more dental infections due to its germicidal. Thus, explaining its presence in toothpaste, mouthwash & more dental hygiene products.

Assisting in dental care with different problems demonstrates more of the eucalyptus essential oil benefits!

10. Managing Diabetes

Eucalyptus essential oil may assist in controlling blood sugar when consumed, due to its powerful flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin), terpenoids (alpha-pinene, cineole) and phenolics (ellagic acid, tannins).

The powerful substances help to decrease post-prandial hyperglycaemia, whilst treating type II diabetes.

It can also be advantageous to diabetics to often massage eucalyptus essential oil topically on their skin or by inhaling the oil as a vapour. Assisting in managing diabetes is a highly beneficial eucalyptus oil use.

11. Getting Rid of Intestinal Germs

Eucalyptus oil is often used as a vermifuge to get rid of intestinal germs. Scientific studies showed that consuming eucalyptus oil can prevent a lot of microbial, bacterial & parasitic conditions which emerge in the different areas of the body, especially in sensitive regions such as the colon & intestine.

Scientific studies had proven one use of the wide range of eucalyptus oil benefits!

12. Heals Allergies and Sinus

A scientific study conducted by NYU depicted eucalyptus oil’s therapeutic use to cure headaches, sinus infections & allergies, which just add to the eucalyptus oil benefits!

13. Treats Fever

Eucalyptus essential oil is frequently called ‘fever oil’ as it can also be used to treat fever. Add some drops of oil to a hot water compress and then put it on your forehead often to decrease your body temperature when suffering from high fever.

This is one of the benefits of eucalyptus oil for cold.

14. Boost the Immune System

Eucalyptus oil, with its richness in cineole is an excellent oil for boosting the immune system. Besides its ability for keeping flu & colds at bay, it can also treat acne, hay fever – seasonal allergy as well as endometriosis.

Taking into consideration that our immune system plays a major role in being healthy, this is a great eucalyptus oil use.

15. Treats Pneumonia and Tuberculosis

Eucalyptus oil contains antiseptic & antibacterial properties that assist in treating COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Using the highly beneficial eucalyptus essential oil will result in great health benefits.

16. Treats Fungal Infections

Because of its natural antifungal qualities, eucalyptus essential oil can be utilized for treating jock itch, fungal-infected toenails (onychomycosis), athlete’s foot, ringworm, cold sores & thrush.

For treating fungal infections appearing in the toenails, soak your feet using hot water with some eucalyptus oil together with tea tree oil, which is another antifungal essential oil.

Considering which types of fungal conditions eucalyptus essential oil can treat it emphasize its great benefits.

17. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause severe and debilitating pain. Massage 1 to 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the affected area for alleviation of extreme pain. However, consult your doctor when the pain persists.

Eucalyptus oil for pain can provide great relief when it comes to the pain caused by kidney stones.


Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

Eucalyptus Oil for Hair

Credit: Pixabay

Looking at the benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair just emphasize the advantages of this essential oil. It contains a lot of antifungal qualities which help to deter infection, whilst it is restraining the build-up of residue as well as the clogging of pores. This is effective to help prevent conditions such as itchy scalp, psoriasis & dandruff.

Eucalyptus oil stimulates our hair follicles, the little openings from which our hair is growing. Eucalyptus essential oil contains a lot of chemicals which promote blood vessel cleansing & constriction.

In turn, this process promotes the stimulation of follicles, which in turn promotes the development of hair. The fundamental idea is to create an even flow of blood to the skin surrounding the follicles. However, eucalyptus oil poses to be a recognized follicle stimulant.

Eucalyptus oil for hair improves thickness, shine as well as overall hair health. However, keep in mind that using too much of the oil can lead to a greasy scalp, whilst the shine will be reduced too.

Professionals recommend using eucalyptus oil for hair about one hour before taking your bath. For removing the residue, use a great shampoo and follow it up with a good conditioner.


– 5-ml of eucalyptus oil
– 50-ml of olive oil


Mix the olive and eucalyptus oil. Take the warm mixture of oil and massage it gently into your scalp for the stimulation of blood flow to the roots of the hair and then comb. Shampoo the hair and follow up with the conditioner.

 Alleviation of an Itchy Scalp


– 5   ml of eucalyptus oil
– 50 ml of white vinegar
– 1   litre of water

For the alleviation of an itchy scalp, mix the ingredients. Use the solution on your hair and rinse it various times over a basin, whilst distributing it evenly. Shampoo immediately and afterwards condition your hair, which will give you relief instantly.

 Treatment of Head Lice

Eucalyptus oil is often used to treat hair lice naturally, because of its qualities as a natural pesticide and insect repellent. It is a common practice for people using eucalyptus essential oil as an effective treatment for lice.

The oil cleanses & moisturizes, whilst promoting your hair growth. Thus it provides an excellent alternative compared to conventional cures which are quite severe on your hair.

Shampoos as well as other products used for treating head lice are loaded with toxic chemicals which can result in rashes and itchy scalp.

During lice infestations, follow the procedure below.


– 3 ml of eucalyptus oil
– 30 ml of regular shampoo


Shampoo the hair, whilst using a plastic shower-cap to cover it for approximately 10 minutes. After removing the cap, rinse your hair thoroughly and towel it dry. Use a nit (fine tooth) comb to assist with the removal of eggs.

However, it is important to take into account that eucalyptus oil is not suitable to use for children younger than 5, where it is the best option to consult your doctor before using it.

Taking into account the amazing benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair, it will be a great asset in your medical kit!


Eucalyptus Oil For Skin

Eucalyptus Oil For Skin

Credit: Pixabay

Many times eucalyptus essential oil is administered topically for the treatment of skin infections due to cineole, its chief compound, which contains antibacterial qualities.

The oil assists to accelerate healing, whilst treating eczema, acne, blemishes, sun spots, pimples and aging.

However, combined with coconut oil or olive oil it forms a natural moisturizer and sunscreen.

Eucalyptus oil is widely used for the purpose of first-aid as it has great healing and remedial qualities. It can be used for treating minor wounds, cuts, bruises, blisters, insect bites and skin irritations.

Eucalyptus oil for skin is especially beneficial for oily complexions, skin eruptions, acne, chicken pox and herpes.

Blend eucalyptus essential oil together with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and apply on the afflicted areas. This homemade remedy can be used on boils, insect bites and wounds too, due to its antiseptic properties.

Taking into account all the benefits for using eucalyptus oil on face too, this is the essential oil which we all should have in our homes to derive all the eucalyptus oil benefits!

Eucalyptus Oil for Acne

Due to the antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal & anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus oil; it poses to be a natural solution for the treatment & prevention of acne.

Apply eucalyptus oil on acne, which will assist in killing the bacteria, drying out the blemish, whilst healing the skin irritation. This can be beneficial for even the more uncomfortable and serious acne like boils and cysts.

Combine apple cider vinegar with eucalyptus oil which provides a super drying effect, whilst it accelerates the process to clear up the boil or cyst.

For treating acne you can add 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in your daily moisturizer or use it during the night for treating the spots.

There are a lot of advantages of using eucalyptus oil for acne. Before trying the eucalyptus oil your face, apply the oil on a leg or arm to ensure that you are not allergic to eucalyptus oil.

Dilute all essential oils in water or carrier oils because of their potency it may have the potential to irritate your skin when applied directly. Use eucalyptus oil topically where it can be non-toxic and efficient. However, don’t consume eucalyptus oil as it may be poisonous.

20. Improves Earaches

Eucalyptus essential oil functions as an expectorant which assists in the unclogging or the respiratory tract, whilst it contains antimicrobial qualities which provides help in clearing up infections which may be caused by the build-up of fluid within the ear canal.

Thus it is great to be used for the improvement of earaches and the symptoms of ear infection due to the benefit of eucalyptus oil for pain.

Eucalyptus essential oil can be used for improving pain or earaches which is the result of nasal congestion, common cold, seasonal allergies, bacterial infection or other conditions which leads to fluids building up in the ear canals. Eucalyptus oil for cough is an excellent controlling remedy.

21. Cooling the Body

Heat strokes occur during summer time and eucalyptus oil can cools down the body. Use some drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a bottle together with peppermint oil and spray over your body. Your body’s temperature will come down quickly.

We think this is a marvellous eucalyptus oil use!

22. Bronchitis

Massage eucalyptus essential oil on your back, chest & throat or drop some oil on the collar of your shirt or you can inhale it from a bottle for the alleviation of symptoms related to bronchitis. A great eucalyptus essential oil benefit!

23. Dysentery

Massage some eucalyptus oil over the stomach using anticlockwise motions to try to ease inflammation, fight infection or diarrhoea. Using eucalyptus oil for pain can provide alleviation for the above-mentioned conditions.

24. Eucalyptus Oil For Measles

Diffuse the eucalyptus oil through the whole home until the illness is over, whilst massaging a few drops into the feet’s reflex points. This procedure can be repeated for 2 to 3 times daily for good results. What an amazing eucalyptus oil use!


Eucalyptus Oil For Cough


Credit: Pixabay

Eucalyptus oil is an excellent essential oil to relieve coughing. This oil cleanses the body of toxins and the micro organisms which cause the coughing, whilst working as an expectorant.

Eucalyptus oil makes breathing easier when you have a stuffed up and running nose.

During 2014 a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to research the efficiency of cineole, which is a key component within eucalyptus oil.

The research was performed on patients suffering with acute bronchitis. However, 200 mg of cineole were administered for 10 days, 3 times a day. The patients experienced considerable improvement of their bronchitis symptoms in comparison to the others who received the placebo.

Patients who received cineole experienced remarkably less cough fits within four days of the treatment. This backs the effectiveness of eucalyptus oil for cough.

Eucalyptus Oil Uses

Eucalyptus Oil Uses

Eucalyptus oil has a wide variety of uses, which include:

1. Room Freshener

The deodorant and antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil is ideal to use it as a room freshener at home or for hospitals. It removes odours and assists in keeping the rooms sterilized and clean.

2. Stop Mold Growth

To stop mold from growing in your home, add eucalyptus oil into your vacuum cleaner, 5 drops will be adequate.


Eucalyptus essential oil is often used in detergents as well as soaps because of its medicinal qualities and pleasant smell.

4. Household Cleaner

Eucalyptus oil is an ideal household cleaner to clean bathroom countertops, sinks and kitchen surfaces. Blend ½ cup of vinegar, 1 cup of water and tablespoon eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle.

5. Hand Cleaner

Working with paints, tar or Grease? Eucalyptus oil is effective to use as a hand cleaner. Mix sea salt with the oil to clean your hands.

6. Mosquito Repellent

Lemon eucalyptus oil poses to be a natural and well-known mosquito repellent. A study conducted by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention), showed that a blend of just 32 percent of this lemon eucalyptus oil, gave more than 95 percent protection for a period of 3 hours against mosquitoes.

What an excellent eucalyptus oil use!

7. Rat Repellent

Fill up a spray bottle with water, adding 20-drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Spray areas like small openings within your home or in the vicinity of the pantry. However, if you are a cat lover, take caution as eucalyptus oil can irritate them.

8. Blending

Eucalyptus essential oil mixes effectively with a lot of other essential oils which include: rosemary, thyme, lavender, marjoram, frankincense and cedar wood.

9. Aromatherapy and Diffuser

Due to eucalyptus oil’s antiseptic and refreshing properties, a lot of people add this oil to their spas, saunas and baths. Thus, it is usually utilized in aromatherapy as well as added in diffusers that are often included in the treatment packages of spas.

10. Shower Drops

If you want a spa experience, each time you are showering in your home, use the following recipe for shower drops which will lift your senses. Blend the following quantities of essential oils to create invigorating shower drops.

– 48-drops of lemon eucalyptus-oil
– 22-drops of sweet-orange essential-oil
– 30-drops of lemon essential-oil

It’s advisable to use a dark type of container with a dropper-top for storing your shower drops to use the next time. What a great eucalyptus oil use combined with the other two essential oils!

Eucalyptus Oil Side Effects

As with everything else there are benefits as well as side effects and eucalyptus essential oil also has some side effects.

It must be used with some caution. The most crucial aspect is never to use the oil without diluting it. Eucalyptus oil is rather concentrated. Therefore always make sure that you use it in its diluted form, whether you are consuming it or using it topically.

Below are some eucalyptus oil side effects:

1. Nausea
2. Diarrhoea
3. Stomach trouble
4. Airborne contact dermatitis
5. Vomiting

The following are signs of eucalyptus oil side effects. If you observe these symptoms stop using eucalyptus oil and consult your doctor immediately.

 Dizziness
 Small pupils
 Feeling of suffocation

Eucalyptus Oil Precautions

Pregnant as well as breastfeeding women are advised to avoid the use of eucalyptus essential oil.

It is also advisable that if you are suffering from asthma, to consult your doctor before using eucalyptus oil.

Adults should take caution when they are using eucalyptus oil orally. The oil can be toxic if consumed in large amounts.

Children must not use eucalyptus essential oil orally. Do not use eucalyptus oil or its products for children younger than 6 years old.

When you are doubtful, consult your paediatrician prior to using eucalyptus oil for the treatment of children.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Dosage

The proper dosage of eucalyptus oil will depend on different aspects like the age of the user, health and various other conditions.

Take into account that although it maybe natural products, take into consideration that dosages are important. Always follow the relevant directions described on the labels of the product or consult your physician or pharmacist before using it.

Where To Buy Eucalyptus Oil

Do you want to know where to buy eucalyptus oil? It is available at Amazon, Plant Therapy or at pharmacies.


Taking into account all the benefits and uses which eucalyptus essential oil are offering, it is clear that it is an item which every household should have in their medicine kit!

The variety of eucalyptus essential oil benefits is absolutely amazing, varying from treating asthma, to hair care, to being rat repellent sounds almost incredible!

Taking into account its benefits and uses in comparison with eucalyptus oil side effects, it is evident that the benefits outweighs the side effects by far.

Mother Earth does provide us with the most amazing and natural substances and oils to live a healthy life without using chemical products!

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