11+ Amazing Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin, Hair And Health

Dragon fruit is the fruit of the cactus plant and it is cultivated in Central America at most. You can find this fruit only on 6 continents. It is a beautiful fruit which has so many different colors. It is made so splendidly by nature and its physique looks like a dragon tail. It has rough edges like the dragon. Dragon fruit is one of the wonderful fruits in the world. It can find in white, red, pink, and many other colors.

Because this fruit was not popular, so it was not traded by many fruit traders for centuries. But now it is the most traded fruit and one of the top exports in many countries. This fruit is getting popular to use in food recipes now. It has a sweet taste and is very delightful to eat and use in different food dishes. The foremost composition of dragon fruit is water.

Dragon Fruit


To take the full taste of it, try to freeze it for some time and suddenly eat it. You can also enjoy it as juice. You can also make it sorbet and can enjoy with any other fruit. The energetic color of this fruit is often used as a color factor in bakery items. The pulp of this fruit is also added to alcohol for taste. It is recognized as a tropical fruit.

The flowers of this fruit can be used in cooking different recipes. Dragon fruit is enriched in Vitamin C, fiber, and many useful minerals. We can get much antioxidants from dragon fruit. We can also make different essential oils from the seeds of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit can very successfully be used for making juice, wine, or adding to other beverages. Even the inflorescences of this amazing plant are edible, and they are often added to the combined teas.

The fruit of the Dragon has an oval shape covered with rough roots. There are three kinds of Dragon fruit:

• Dark pink and white flesh

• Yellow with white flesh

• Red with purple flesh

Dark pink and white flesh

The fruit of this kind is distinguished by the presence of red-pink peel and white flesh.

Yellow with white flesh

Yellow dragon fruit, the taste of which is the sweetest, is also distinguished by a strong and rich smell. The fruit of the yellow variety has white flesh and yellow skin.

Red with purple flesh

Red dragon fruit has a slightly herbaceous aroma. It also tastes fresh. By the way, it can find easily on the shelves of supermarkets.

In the flesh of all the fruits, there are many seeds in the form of black dots. It is impossible to ignore such a beautiful fruit if you find it in the market. The taste of Dragon Fruit consists of light sweetness.

There is no brightly expressed taste. Most likely it looks more like a fresh vegetable. It practically has no flavor. The pulp of the fruit in consistency resembles the pulp of kiwi but they taste completely different.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Facts

Dragon fruit contains phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, niacin, vitamins C and E. Dragon fruit contains up to 90 percent of water. Dragon fruit contains very few calories, 100 g of its flesh accounts for only about 50 calories. In 100 grams of fruit contains 85.4 g.

Pitaya contains such useful substances as vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), especially in it and vitamin C. It is particularly rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus and calcium also contains iron and other useful substances. Dragon fruit also contains calcium. Calcium is a common macronutrient in the human body.

Vital to the health of your bones, teeth and body organs, including the skin. Calcium plays a role in regulating many functions of the skin. A high concentration of calcium is found in the epidermis or the uppermost layer of the skin. The lack of calcium in the diet can worsen the health and appearance of your skin and the condition of your teeth.

Dragon Fruit Calories

One of the useful properties of food is its low-calorie content. Instead of another cake or candy, it’s better to enjoy something new and exotic, while saving your body from extra pounds. Due to the content of lipids in the feed, it is often used in the compilation of various diets.

How To Choose Dragon Fruit?

To choose a ripe fruit, pay attention to the color of all the neighboring fruits, the color of the mature fruit will be brighter. When pressing on the fruit, it should not be hard, but do not take too soft fruit.

Carefully look at the fetal skin, there should not be dark spots, molds, and cracks on it. When cutting the fruit, the flesh should not have yellow or brown spots. The fruit has white or red pulp, depends upon the type. It has the creamy pulp and a delicate, slightly appreciable aroma.

The pulp is used for food in raw form. It is convenient to eat, cutting into 2 halves, scooping the pulp with a spoon. The Dragon’s eye is very often used in the making of various sweets, fruit exotic salads, sorbets, ice cream and yogurt, and even brew jam and jelly. Pitaya is also readily used for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.

How To Cut Dragon Fruit

How to cut Dragon Fruit? Watch This Video To Discover how to open a Dragon Fruit also called Pitaya. You Can Cut the dragon fruit in half. Use a sharp knife to slice right through it. You will find bright white flesh that looks similar to a kiwi inside, with tiny black seeds distributed throughout the fruit.

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Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is well absorbed by the body. It is unusual to eat it in case of stomach upset. This fruit is especially valuable when traveling in an exotic country. Dragon fruit normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines, helps to cope with the swelling.

Dragon Fruit


Also, scientists found that this exotic fruit has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. A dragon fruit is also useful for people with diabetes. Not only the flesh but its seeds are also rich in essential nutrients. Due to the content of this fruit, it is good for eyesight. A large amount of calcium in this fruit makes it possible to plays a very important role in the work of all systems and processes in the body. The effect of vitamin C on the body is extensive. Dragon fruit is a powerful antioxidant, which protects cells from destruction due to the formation of ion-radicals in the intercellular space.

Ascorbic acid helps to fight allergic reactions, removes toxic substances from the body (copper, lead, mercury).

Participates in the basic oxidation-reduction processes. Dragon fruit is indispensable in the fight against infectious diseases.

Ascorbic acid helps to get out of stress and eliminate its consequences. Positively affects the circulatory system, regulating blood clotting and permeability of blood vessels. Due to its delicate aroma and abundance of vitamins and minerals in it, it is often used in various cosmetic products such as shampoos, masks, creams, etc.

It is recommended to use this exotic fruit for gastrointestinal diseases, it is good for stomach pain. It also beneficially affects the human endocrine system, helps the liver function, improves metabolism. This fruit is recommended for diabetics.

• Contains a lot of fiber which helps regulate the work of the intestines and removes toxins and toxins.

• It is rich in antioxidants and natural neutralizers of free radicals, which are responsible for the formation of cancer cells and the aging of the organism.

• Dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, which improves health in arthritis and other chronic diseases.

• It is useful for diabetes because it regulates blood sugar.

• Due to the high content of vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, and regular consumption serves to prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

• Contains vitamins B – B1, B2 and B3, iron, calcium phosphorus, proteins, fiber, niacin and vitamin C. It is a good source of nutrients while remaining a very low-calorie product.

• Mask for the face of dragon fruit. It is an excellent anti-aging agent.

• The pulp of the dragon fruit perfectly calms sunburned skin. Being on holiday in hot places, it is an excellent and natural way to moisturize and restore the skin after sunbathing.

• Dragon fruit is considered an excellent source of fiber, trace elements, and vitamins. It is especially useful because of its low caloric content and increased the content of dietary fiber that cleans the digestive tract.

1. Boost The Immune system

Dragon fruit is fully loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids. Both elements are good for your immune system. Dragon Fruit is one of those fruits and vegetables which contains Vitamin C at the top level. Dragon fruit is a fruit which is rich in antioxidant and helps to extract out free radicals.

And the other vitamins like B1, B2, B3. And phosphorous, iron, Calcium, protein, niacin and fiber also help your body to keep the immune system in better condition. The essential elements in dragon fruit are also effective. According to research, the nutrients elements of the dragon fruit helps to prevent the cancer cells to divide. All these things can happen because of the immunity system’s boost function of dragon fruit.

2. Nervous System

Due to the phosphorus in dragon fruit, it becomes a healthier fruit for our body. The activity of the central nervous system also largely depends on phosphorus. Because the processes of its transformation in the body are directly related to the metabolism, with the assimilation of fats and proteins. This is especially pronounced in the metabolic processes of the membranes of intracellular tissue and the heart muscle.

3. During Pregnancy

Woman Pregnancy


Due to Vitamin E present in the dragon fruit, it also recommended to pregnant ladies. Vitamin E is necessary for conception, as well as the normal course of pregnancy since it improves the blood supply to the uterus. Promotes healing of skin lesions. Vitamin E is essential for reproductive function. Helps normalize the monthly cycle in women and the functioning of the sex glands in men.

4. Help our Stomach in Digestive Functions

We all know that fiber helps you our stomach to helps the food easily and the best source of getting fiber in a natural way is to consume fruits and vegetables. Dragon fruit contains a good proportion of fiber that can help our digestive system to work properly. It also helps to eliminate constipation and other related issues.

The ratio of fiber in dragon fruit is about 1% per 100gram. It contains 1-gram fiber in 100 grams weight and 10-gram fiber in 1000 grams weight, which makes it a high-fiber containing fruit. You can also eat the skin of dragon fruit if you need more fibers for your body.

Oligosaccharides element in the dragon fruit also helps the stomach to digest food more effectively. These oligosaccharides maintain the good stomach health and digestion process.

And it has been concluded by researchers that if you add such nutrients elements in your diet then you are doing something better with your life. Because it will get you rid of from dangerous cancer disease, anxiety, digestion issues etc. A beautiful fruit containing useful fiber, which is easily absorbed by the body in diseases of the pancreas. But if we take it in large quantities it will not be digestible properly.

5. Dragon Fruit Oil Benefits For Skin

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant element, which is very useful for the human body. It is found in Dragon fruit. Although the main function of the vitamin is to protect the cell membranes of the body, it also plays an important role in maintaining the optimal amount of blood, it ensures the normal functioning of the heart, muscles, nerves, skin, and hair.

Provide the body with vitamin E can be by taking special supplements that contain the oil of this element. Oil from Dragon Fruit is considered nothing more than a cosmetic product that can treat and rejuvenate the skin.

• Good For Skin

The oil extract from dragon fruit is a colorless, viscous liquid that rests a bit heavy on the skin. It is slightly viscous but is quickly absorbed by the skin tissue. Oil can deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, providing smoothness and softness, especially with dry skin type. Oil in its pure form of this vitamin can be found in the pharmacy and cosmetic shops. Virtually all women know that this oil can create true miracles. Therefore, it is worth considering all the benefits of dragon fruit oil for facial skin.

• Benefits of Dragon Fruit oil for Wrinkles and Age Spots

It has remarkable anti-aging properties. Its antioxidant capacity blocks the damage to free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays, which causes wrinkles and age spots. Dragon Fruit oil also increases the production of collagen in the skin, which can maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

In addition to slowing the rate of wrinkle formation, vitamin E also helps improve cell regeneration and recovery. Regular application of it before bedtime can effectively eliminate facial wrinkles on the face. To take advantage of all the benefits of this oil, you need to apply a small amount of oil on your finger and wipe them all face.

Pay special attention to the field of the magpie on the wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead. It should be noted that in no case should you let the oil get into your eyes, and people who have oily skin should refrain from this extract.

• Best Cleanser for Skin

Dragon fruit oil is one of the best cleansers for the skin and is also able to perfectly tone up. To do this, it is enough to apply a little oil on the cotton swab and gently wipe the entire face. The movement must be done in a circle, moving the ball from one point to another. After this procedure, the facial skin will be soft and clean.

• Moisture

Due to the presence of calcium in dragon fruit, it provides the vast range of health benefits. Calcium functions together with the epidermis to produce sebum, a natural skin coating agent that helps the skin to retain moisture. According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, people with low calcium in the skin are often unable to produce enough sebum, as a result, their skin becomes dry.

People who have a chronic dry skin condition during the winter or who suffer from skin diseases with high symptoms of irritation, such as eczema, calcium supplements and their use in your diet Plan will be very useful.

6. Prevention and Control of Diabetes

Prevention and Control of Diabetes


As we were talking about that fiber can help us with digestion function that was not enough. The fiber in the dragon fruit can also help our blood sugar level to get stable and maintains the level of sugar in our blood. If we eat high glycemic index food, then the dragon fruit can help by restricting sugar inflorescences.

Dragon fruit has concrete results on the oxidative pressure. It tells us that if we consume dragon fruit than it can help us to get rid of the anxiety and other diabetic issues. So, if we eat dragon fruit regularly, it will prevent us from diabetes symptoms and stabilize the sugar level of diabetes patients.

Dragon fruit is a great way to not only get the necessary number of vitamins, including a large amount of Vitamin C, but also a large amount of fiber. In various sources, and according to some doctors, they write about the fact that dragon fruit can be consumed in diabetes.

7. Provides Good Heart Health

Dragon fruit not only helps your stomach and immune system to work better. It has also many more health benefits which I will list below. It can also help you with your Cardiac system. The beneficial nutrients of dragon fruit also help you to get a good heart health.

Dragon fruit has so many healthy elements that can protect your heart from various cardiovascular diseases. You should eat this fruit in the morning to get the most health benefits from this fruit.

Dragon fruit helps your body to decrease the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol for your health. This property of dragon fruit makes it one of those fruits that control the cholesterol level in the body. Because of that, the dragon fruit is a rich source of monounsaturated fats, so it can help your heart to work better and maintains its health.

And not only the flesh of the fruit is useful, its seeds are also useful for those people who are suffering from heart diseases. They provide your body omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are obtained by the fish meat.

These two elements are very important to drop down the level of your heart disease and prevent you from other cardiovascular diseases.

8. Keeps You Looking Beautiful

Looking Beautiful


As this fruit is rich in antioxidants that not only help your internal body functions to work better but also provide you the external beauty of the body. Antioxidants elements are useful because they provide you with glowing and fresh skin.

Due to the vitamin C in the dragon fruit, It provides your skin a fresh and beautiful look. It keeps your skin soft and tight. Your skin gets more fairness if you consume the fruit regularly.

Other elements in the dragon fruit like Phosphorus helps you in the anti-aging factor. It provides you natural features that your skin need. Phosphorus is that element which is present in every part of your body so it proportionates 1% of your total weight.

And that’s why it can help your skin cells in the anti-aging process. Dragon Fruit can help you to maintain your beautiful and healthy body.

9. Dragon Fruit benefits for Cancer Prevention

Essential elements like phytoalbumin united with the vitamin C and other minerals in the dragon fruit makes the fruit a better cancer prevention agent. Antioxidants in the dragon fruit help your body to prevent the cells of cancer. Lycopene present in the dragon fruit also helps in the cancer prevention process. Dragon fruit has some specific chemical properties to prevent your body from prostate, lung, breast, and skin cancer.

Lycopene can effectively reduce the cancer cells and helps in the treatment of cancer. These cancer prevention properties of dragon fruit make it much useful and healthy fruit that we need nowadays. We should consult our regular doctor about it effects according to our body condition and take the suggested quantity regularly. We will enjoy a healthy life if we add such nutrients full fruits in our daily diet.

10. Hair Treatment

Dragon fruit can help your rough hairs to be natural again. It can also provide natural features again to your chemically colored hair. You can add the juice of dragon fruit in your conditioner and apply it to your hairs. It will provide you hairs good length, healthy roots and reduce the chemical effect of your hairs.

11. Overcomes Arthritis


Arthritis causes the joints pain and severe irritation to your body. Dragon fruit can help you to fight with these diseases and provide you better health. It is recommended to the patients suffering from arthritis.

How To Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon Fruit can be used as a decoration for the table. To do this, you need to cut the fruit along into two parts, and then also into segments, like melon or watermelon. And if the dragon fruit is served in the form of a dessert, you can simply cut it in half and invite the guests to eat the flesh with small spoons. Like any other exotic fruit, Dragon fruit can also cause an allergic reaction, if you eat it in large quantity.

The dragon fruit can be served chill. It is not recommended to eat it in combination with dishes with a sharp taste. Its seeds are recommended to be completely chewed because they are difficult to digest. Of course, you can add this fruit in desserts like sherbet, jelly, ice cream or yogurt.

In Central America, traditionally they prepare a “Pika with Almonds”. To do this, take 2 fruits of dragon fruit, cut them and gently take out the flesh. Then cut it into cubes. Then take 100 g of softened cream cheese and whisk it gradually.

Add 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, 50 g of crushed almonds and fruit cubes in it. Mash them and serve. If you cook this dish, the guests will just be delighted.

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Dragon Fruit Side Effects

It is the usual case with exotic fruits. Some people may have the allergy to the dragon fruit, so try to eat very little for the first time. If no negative reactions have happened, then you can safely use this wonderful fruit. People with chronic diseases should always consult their physician before applying new foods.

Dragon Fruit is a water-soluble fruit, so its excess is easily excreted from the body along with urine. Only if a very high dose of this fruit consumed over a long period of time can cause hypervitaminosis.

What is the average price of Dragon Fruit?

The dragon price valued between $23.50 and $33. However, there is a significant difference between the wholesale and retail price in different regions.

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