How To Increase Your Dick Size Naturally (in Just 7 Days!)

A thought which crossed the minds of countless men through the proverbial ages, is what does my woman really prefer, length or girth?

When it comes to men in general, they believe the bigger is really better or is it? Ever take into consideration what women prefer? Do the majority of women really consider or think about either girth or length? They will indeed be surprised!

However, obviously a woman may have her own preferences, and that is what men in general need to know!

How To Increase Your Dick Size Naturally

how to make my dick bigger

Do Effective And Safe Procedures Exist To Increase Dick Size?

Well, the answer to this interesting question is, YES. However, any trustworthy sexologist will tell you that size isn’t really an issue. Fact is that any dick size can deliver enormous pleasure for its owner!

The average size of approximately 95% of dicks are 3 – 5 inches when flaccid, whist 5 – 7 inches when erect.

A very small percentage is substantially either smaller or larger. A survey conducted among women provided a consistent answer when they were asked what they need when it comes to a lover.

This was the interesting answer: caring, kindness, attractiveness, shared interests & values and a good sense of humour! Very few actually even mention their lover’s dick size!

Thus, sex therapists reported that their women clients rarely will complain about the size of their beau’s dick.

However, the majority of men don’t feel the same. They are highly likely comparing their own dicks to those of porn stars and came to their own conclusion. Oh, mine is much smaller.

Something else that are convincing men that size is the principal factor to provide pleasure to women are some personal casual sex advertisements requiring men with massive dicks & lots of junk mail promising dick enlargement products.

Men tend to believe that only a huge dick can give his woman an intense orgasm as a large dick will penetrate the vagina deeper, whilst stretching it more.

Practices To Avoid:

  • Penis enlargement Products:

Avoid these types of products, not only are they expensive, all of them are fakes. There is no device, pill, exercise or even a magic potion that can enlarge your reproductive organ on a permanent basis!

  • Quit smoking:

The quantity of blood within the organ will determine the erect or flaccid size of your dick; less blood results in a smaller organ. The arteries are narrowed by the smoking habit, which include the arteries which carry your blood into the organ.

Blood flow is limited by smoking, which will make your dick smaller.

  • Avoid surgery:

The full procedure, which includes enhancing the girth and lengthening can result in problems, whilst very expensive; approximately $15,000! With surgery the ligament it cut which makes your erection to stand up.

This surgery may add one inch, but affect erections. You will have to direct your dick manually into sensual openings, as it will just be hanging between your legs!

With enhancing your girth, fat is taken from your buttocks and then injected under the skin of your dick. Frequently it will lead to a deformed, lumpy-looking reproductive organ!

Practices To Embrace:

  • Daily Diet:

Consume less cheese and meat, whilst adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. A diet which is rich in animal fat will raise your cholesterol levels, which result in narrowing your arteries, which include those which transfer the blood into your dick.

Attempt to avoid cheese and meat once or twice a week, whilst consuming 5 – 8 fresh vegetables and fruit servings. These foods provide the antioxidants needed to keep your arteries open for sufficient blood flow.

  • Exercise routine:

Arterial health is improved by following a regular exercise routine. However, to exercise your male organ is meaningless. The yellow media refer to the dick as being the love muscle, which actually means that just like the triceps, specific exercises can intensify it! However, muscle tissue differs and the dick has smooth muscle, which can’t grow bigger with exercise.

  • Lose tummy fat:

Cutting cheese & meat consumption, exercising, whilst adding plant foods, assist men to lose weight, which enhance size. A large belly which is encroaching the base of your dick also let your organ appear smaller. When you lose stomach fat, your dick will look larger!

  • Meditative relaxation:

The arteries which deliver the blood to your dick are encircled by muscle tissue. Whenever men become anxious also about their dick’s size, blood inflow will be constricted because these muscles are contracting resulting in a decreased blood inflow affecting the size.

When men are relaxing, these muscles will relax too, whilst opening your arteries and maximize blood flow which will boost size. When using erection drugs, its function is to relax these muscles.

Additionally, anxiety will trigger the reflex of fight or flight, leading to blood blow away from the centre of your body, which include the dick, going to your limbs to defend yourself or escape.

However, as soon as men are relaxing, the blood flow will return to the centre of your body which include your male organ.

  • Remain warm:

In colder chilly conditions it is noticeable that your dick will shrink. However, taking a hot shower and it will appear much bigger.

Warmth is not just relaxing, but it increases the inflow of blood to the dick and enhances its size. Before having sex, shower or bathe with your partner.

Enhancing Your Dick Size Temporarily:

how to make your dick bigger

  • Penis Pumps:

Penis pumps are plastic tubes which create a restricted vacuum around your dick. The blood is drawn into your dick by the vacuum, leading to a temporary enhancement in size. There are different models available in the market. However, all consist of a plastic tube as well as a pump which are operated by using a hand bulb.

When the bulb is squeezed, air is evacuated from the tube, which results in drawing some additional blood into your dick. Take into account that the effect is both temporary and moderate.

  • Cock Rings:

Cock rings are rubber devices shaped like a donut which tightly surround your erect dick. Although they are designed to assist in maintaining an erection, they also deliver a temporary, but small boost in size.

However, erect or flaccid, blood will circulate into and out of your dick. The outflow of blood is restricted by the ring as it compresses this vein. The effect is temporary and moderate, and you should not expect miracles.

This being said, it is not necessary for men to be concerned about the size of their dick, because there are much more than the size to good, hot sex.

Want to impress your lady erotically? You can give them enormous pleasure without even using your dick!

Just 25% of women can orgasm consistently during having vaginal intercourse, which has nothing to do with size. The majority of women don’t find deep penetration or vaginal stretching direct routes to derive a lot of pleasure or to an ecstatic orgasm.

Why? Because the majority of women appreciate and need patient, gentle, sensual clitoral stimulation whether it is with the tongue, a sex toy or your fingers!

What is terrible is that a lot of men feel inadequate due to the size of their dick. Whatever you got, enjoy it and you will be a much happier and better lover!

If you desire to be a great and hot lover, you should understand that whilst the majority of women enjoy well-lubricated and gentle sex, the secret to make them come poses to be clitoral caressing!

For most women, during intercourse they don’t get enough clitoral action. The clit is not called the pleasure button for no reason; lead her to orgasmic delirium with your tongue on her clit!

Is There Any Relation Between Penis Size & Sex?

His Banner

As already being said, the majority of men believe that a bigger male organ is better. When it comes to sexual pleasure it is not a large dick which gives men the edge.

Factors such as erectile function and how long sexual intercourse lasts play a vital role when it comes to sexual pleasure!

Research which was conducted about vaginal orgasm gave proof about the pleasure derived during sex and the size of the male organ.

The limited studies had shown that women, who had chosen deeper vaginal stimulation, have a preference for longer dicks. However, take into account that vaginal orgasms are an anomaly in women!

The majority of women experience a clitoral orgasm! These two studies concluded that the size of the man’s dick was not related to women’s’ clitoral orgasm.

It is a fact that clitoral tissue is located below each side of a woman’s vagina, just below the skin. This could play a role in women experiencing vaginal orgasms.

The role that the size of the man’s dick plays in such circumstances is one of bringing about pleasure.

For the minority of women who have the ability to achieve their orgasm from vaginal penetration, the studies had shown that the length of the male organ is not a deciding factor.

Besides a confidence boost, a bigger dick doesn’t mean a better sexual accomplishment.

However, it is a fact that a bigger dick can result in difficulty between couples when having oral or anal sex!

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What Do Women Prefer When it Comes To Length Versus Girth?

how to get a bigger dick

Men are wondering for many, many years what women prefer when it comes to length versus girth? Well, in both cases the end result will be a happy and deeply satisfied woman. Do women think about this at all?

Women will have their own preferences, but men need to know what she does prefer!

No woman in her right mind wants an unsatisfied lover in bed! The happiest relationships can be ruined by problems experienced in bed!

Its time to let guys know that eventually there is a scientific and legitimate answer!

After many decades of studies and research regarding women’s sexual psychology and men’s health, it was concluded that girth is victorious over length!

Eight women out of every 10, have a preference for men with thicker dicks than men with thinner longer dicks.

There is also scientific logic, which concerns women’s desire for this answer!
A woman’s vagina is rather shallow; therefore, a thicker penis will be good to stimulate her clitoris. The vagina is barely 4 inches or even lesser in girth, thus a dick which has a thicker girth will provide the most sexual stimulation!

It is normal that a woman will look for a partner with a thicker male organ, because he will provide her with a greater impact resulting in good orgasms.

This means that if a man has a dick of 10 inches long, but lack girth of 4.5 inches at least, he can become invisible to women.

However, not all men can be perfect, just as a lot of women don’t have the perfect figure! Thus, it is not easy for a man having both perfect length and thickness!

This can be the revelation a lot of men were waiting for or it can be bad news for others.

A lot of men will be thinking of increasing their dick’s girth by whatever methods. However, the most successful method is by using organic ayurvedic medicine.

It might sound unbelievable but Ayurvedic medication is the one and only way which can give assurance that you can have a thicker dick!

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Does Size Really Matter – Long Or Short?

This is a discussion that can’t be concluded as there are two avenues of thoughts, each having their own perspective about this argument.

One group of women & homosexual men are of the opinion that a man’s technique matter more, after taking into consideration the size of the male organ regarding length and girth.

The other group of individuals are of the opinion that size is vital to experience satisfying and enjoyable intercourse as well as a better orgasm.

1. Longer male organ:

Some of the women were of the opinion that a longer penis is required to hit their G-spot easier between the strokes performed during sexual intercourse.

However, no factual proof exists as many women claimed that when a man has the ability to deliver more clitoral stimulation and last longer, it will be effective to reach an orgasm.

2. Longer dick hurts:

A group of women said that a big size dick can hurt when having sexual intercourse, because of the fact that an average vagina’s size is about 6 inches.

This group of women emphasized girth and is of the opinion that with a wider girth a man can maximize pleasure, whilst assisting in reaching a more intense orgasm.

3. Biased perceptions:

Biased perceptions about the perfect dick’s size, together with non-realistic standards brought about by porn, influenced women to believe that an ideal size dick exists.

A dick’s size depends on numerous factors such as the man’s country of origin, genes, the length of the man etc. Therefore, what is perceived as ideal in India might not be perfect in South Africa.

4. No Conclusion:

As mentioned above, no factual conclusion could be reached. However, it is agreed that girth do matter more compared to length. It was also established that pleasure & satisfaction during intercourse doesn’t just depend on the dick’s size!

Is There Any Herb Or Oil To Use For Enlarging Dick?

There is no oil available in the market which will enlarge your dick! No research reports support the perception that supplements or oils can result in a larger dick. It is more likely that you may experience some unwanted injury or side effects.

However, there are oils which can render assistance to improve sexual function.

Products To Avoid:

  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).

DHEA, a steroid exists in your body. However, when using DHEA supplements your risk to get cancer can be increased, it can influence your mental health, whilst your good cholesterol levels, will be lowered.

  • Catuaba bark extract:

Although this substance has shown promise to be used as an anti-depressant, there is no research which indicates any effect on your dick.

  • Pregnanolone:

This substance occurs naturally in your body. However, no research is available which support the use of pregnanolone for dick enlargement, whilst it can have a negative effect on your mental health.

  • Hawthorn berry:

This element can be used to treat heart disease, but no proof exists that it will assist with enlarging your dick. Consuming too much of it can result in nausea, dizziness as well as perilous interactions with cardiovascular medicines.

does resurge work for weight loss

Products Which Can Assist In Improving Sexual Health:

Sexual Health

If you are looking for other advantages, regarding your sexual health, you can use supplements which contain:

1. Panax ginseng:

This herb may improve ED (erectile dysfunction) as it relaxes some muscles encircling the penile tissues. According to a recent study, ginseng is an effective and safe method to improve erection hardness.

2. L-arginine:

It was suggested by older research that L-arginine, an amino acid may decrease ED symptoms, whilst making your erections firmer. However, according to some research it is not more efficient than a placebo.

3. L-carnitine:

This substance may assist to increase a man’s sperm count & sperm motility, which can give you a greater chance to get your partner pregnant.

4. Citrulline:

This is an organic substance which had shown to be reliable to treat mild to moderate ED cases as it makes your erections firmer.

5. Gingko biloba:

A study which was conducted on women had shown that gingko biloba can assist with sexual arousal as it stimulates blood flow, whilst it improves sexual function.

Combining sex therapy with supplementation, the participants experienced this effect.

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What To Do When You Take The Decision To Use oil:

Consult with your doctor prior to the use of any supplements or oils. It is possible that oil ingredients can cause interaction with your medicine, can increase your risk to develop conditions or may have unwanted side effects.

After your doctor declare that you may use some oil on your dick, first do a patch test by:

  • Take a small quantity of oil and rub it into your forearm.
  • Cover your forearm, using a bandage.
  • Check for any irritation after a period of 24 hours. When you find no swelling, irritation or redness, it will be safe to use it elsewhere too.

When you get through the patch test successfully, follow the instructions on the oil’s label. Just use the amount according to the label and avoid putting oil on your urinary opening.

It is important to ask your partner if you may use oil which can have an effect on your sex life. The oils you are using can have some potential side effects and allergies on them too. Let them use the patch test too.

If one of you starts to experience unusual symptoms, seek medical attention and discontinue use immediately.

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Are There Possible Risks Or Side Effects?

These types of oils are not regulated; thus you don’t know which ingredients they can contain or the quantities. There are a lot of supplements which are safe, whilst others are not. Permanent and uncomfortable side effects may emerge.

Mild side effects can include:

  • Rash or bumps
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning or itching where applied
  • Blisters filled with fluid

These effects can disappear after some hours or even days after stopping its use.

However, if you still use these oils, your side effects can worsen, whilst it can also progress into serious symptoms, which include:

  • Discharge or pus from rash or blisters
  • Hives
  • Infections can appear in broken skin due to scratching which can make you more vulnerable to STI’s (sexually transmitted infections.)

It is also possible to develop Anaphylaxis, which is an allergic reaction, which can be life-threatening. When you are experiencing severe pain, severe swelling or develop difficult breathing, get emergency medical attention.

This can also happen to your partner when they have an allergy to ingredients contained in the oil.

Some of these oils can also cause the breaking down of ingredients contained in latex condoms, which were not designed to have resistance to specific oil lubrication.

This can result in an unwanted pregnancy or your risk of STI-transmission can be increased.

When oil comes into direct contact with the mouth, vagina or anus, your side effects can result in a life-threatening condition or more pain.

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