How To Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Starving! (7 Rapid Weight Loss Tips)

Is it possible to lose 10 pounds within 2 weeks? Well, yes it is. But before that, you need to understand that weight loss fixes and crash diets might have great outcomes for the time being but they are not great for the long run.

However, with some simple changes, you can change your diet in a way that it sheds the bad fat gradually so that you lose weight healthily.

But sometimes, you don’t have an option. You might just have an emergency event happening after two weeks or maybe you are getting engaged in two weeks! GOSH. Now if that happens, you only have one option; to look for all possible ways to lose that 10 pounds within 14 days, to look the best on your big day or an amazing event.

Thus, we are here to help you out with this! Also, never aim for 10 pounds within a week because of it dangerous for your health and expert nutritionists don’t recommend it at all.

Setting a goal of 2 weeks is still better.

Moreover, don’t try to be super restrictive because the aim here is not to starve! Let’s begin.

#1 – What To Eat:

The primary change that needs to be made to your lifestyle in order to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks is all about what you eat. Focus more on lean protein as it is more fulfilling and keeps your appetite low.

You can have two servings of fish per week and limit your carbs as much as possible.

However, remember that you have to “limit” your carbs and not eliminate them completely.

Try to fulfill your carbs through veggies and fruits.

Lastly, you need to drink loads of water.

If you are hydrated, you will be able to sustain through the diet plan finely.

It also keeps you fuller. Research shows that you must drink 2 glasses of water 15-20 minutes before your meal. This way, you consume less calories.

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#2 – Cut Down On Sugar and Alcohol:

To make the most out of your diet plan, it is best if you cut down on sugar and alcohol and beverages.

They have a lot of calories and no nutritional value; so you really don’t need them especially when you are aiming at weight loss so strictly.

You will not be excluding sugar as you will replace article one with organic sweets like fruits.

Many people eliminate carbs for the time being but it isn’t a very smart approach because you will start their intake after 2 weeks and it might upset you.

Thus, lowering your carbs is better than eliminating them.

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#3 – Type of Workouts:

If you think that you might lose 10 pounds, in 2 weeks, without exercising; then you are wrong.

You have to boost the process and working out will definitely do the job really well.

You can do cardio but running and jogging won’t make you meet your goals.

You will have to indulge yourself in HIIT workouts.

Do not do them for long periods.

A full-body workout of 15 minutes would be great.

But if you think that your body fat is stubborn then you can switch up to 20-30 minutes too.

However, if you are working out for 30 minutes than 5 days per week is sufficient. Don’t overdo the workouts either.

You can mix in high-intensity exercises with cardio and make your combo as well.

Whatever suits you is the best to opt for because you will enjoy doing it all too.

#4 – Try Ditching Snacks:

Snacks are what usually make our body fat toll up.

Thus, you need to ditch them or at least replace them with something healthier.

For instance, your packet of Nachos needs to be replaced with something green or maybe 10 almonds.

Ditch the candy bar or packet of chips and lookup for healthy snacks.

Spinach sprinkled with some seasonings and olive oil could be great!

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#5 – Green Tea:

Green Tea

Try adding green tea to your daily routine. Yes, it doesn’t help you lose pounds but it does perk up the metabolism which is what you require to lose weight.

Combining green tea with an entire weight loss plan does have good side effects.

A cup of green tea doesn’t do wonders when you are having pizza and burgers all day long.

With a healthy diet and workout session, green tea can be the cherry on top of the cake which might save you at the end of the two weeks.

Not saying that they will shed that extra pounds but it does speeding things up a bit.

Two cups per day are fine but it is always good to keep it low and try adjusting to just one cup of green tea daily.

#6 – Try Keto Diet 14 Day Plan:

Now keto diet has surfaced a lot lately and there are 14 days and 30 days keto diet plans which you can always opt for.

These are basically very restrictive and you have to be super motivated to follow them in the first place.

But if you are up for it, then you can give it a try because they are great at helping you lose weight fast.

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#7 – Sleep Properly:

Your sleep pattern has a huge effect on your weight loss journey. It can literally hinder your weight gain or loss efforts because if you are not sleeping properly, your body is not functioning well.

Thus, if you want to lose weight for good, try sleeping at least 7 hours daily.

If you can get that perfect 8-hour sleep; nothing beats it.

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You are definitely desperate to lose those stubborn 10 pounds in two weeks, aren’t you?

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