How To Lose 20 POUNDS In 2 Weeks Naturally! (According To Experts)

There are times in life when you will be desperate to lose weight fast in a limited period of time.

However, many would say that this will not be the perfect way of reaching a weight loss goal in such a short time.

Their recommendation would be to rather lose weight slower to keep it off.

Others would speculate that losing weight fast will be a loss of water and not fat!

However, it is possible to lose weight fast and in our article we want to teach you how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks!

Of course there are various factors to take into account when you want to lose weight and variants which can make it complicated to determine how you will be able to lose a given amount of weight during a short span of time.

How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

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To lose weight you will have to change the balance of your calorie intake.

This means that the expenditure of your energy should be more than your intake.

You can change the balance of your calorie intake either by exercising more or eating fewer calories, or for better results do both!

When you want to lose weight the following factors must be taken into consideration:

  • The rate of your metabolism,
  • Your lifestyle,
  • Your exercise regimen,
  • Your current weight and your age.

When you start your journey to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks diet plan and you are slightly overweight, overweight or obese it can change your journey to losing weight.

You have to understand that some basic rules exist when you start attempting to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, which is quite drastic.

It might be quite challenging and is quite severe, but it is possible.

You have to burn approximately 3,500 calories to lose one pound of weight.

This means that you have to cut this large amount of calories by either restricting your intake of food drastically, or alternatively burning it off or both to enable you to lose just 1 pound of weight.

Take into consideration that all of us would prefer losing just fat with our weight loss program, but unfortunately you will also lose water and lean muscle.

Also bear in mind that as you start to lose weight, metabolic changes will set in.

As you are losing weight, fewer calories will be used by your body when at rest.

This happens because when you weigh less, there will also be less tissue left to maintain.

This will result in working harder as you are dropping off the pounds when you want to continuously burn the same amount of calories.

However, don’t lose hope as we will define and teach you how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks with exercise as well as a restricted diet.

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The Period of Time Required for Losing 20 Pounds

The Period of Time Required for Losing 20 Pounds

As said above, it will depend on various factors which have an influence on losing weight like your present diet, your current weight, which changes you are making to lose weight, calorie intake, exercise and even more.

Some people will be able to lose 20 pound quickly, whilst for others it will be a great challenge.

Below are some aspects to take into consideration:

1. How many pounds overweight are you?

If you are a lot of pounds over weight, the faster you will be able to lose your first 20 pounds.

It is possible to lose 20 pounds in one week, with making drastic changes to your activity level and your diet.

It is losing the last 20 pounds which may cause the real struggle. Sometimes, meaning that you are technically speaking, not really overweight.

2. Are you following a quality diet?

If you are not following a healthy diet, you may be able to lose those 20 pounds in a period of a month or even less, by changing your diet drastically.

If you are consuming a healthy diet already, it will be much more challenging to lose 20 pounds of weight in 2 weeks.

If you are aspiring to learn how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks diet, keep in mind that you will have to consider the numbers! As described above 1 pound of weight is equal to 3,500 calories.

Taking this into account, it means that you will have to cut our 70,000 calories which is the equivalent of 20 pounds, to achieve your weight loss goal!

This seems to be a rather large chunk to literally chew off, taking into account that an averagely active adult woman should consume approximately 2,000 calories daily and an averagely active adult man 2,400!

Maybe your calorie intake is much more than the above when starting your diet.

This will enable you to win ground by restricting your current diet to become even stricter.

Also keep in mind that you can exercise to lose weight too and that all is not just about changing your diet!

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How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks Without Exercise


Whether you want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks without exercise or with it, you will need a diet plan for any amount of weight you want to lose.

If you want to reach your weight loss goal, you will need to reduce your calorie intake drastically.

To be able to reach your weight loss goal, you will be looking at a diet containing 500 calories daily.

Consuming a diet containing 1,500 calories daily will enable you to lose 20 pounds within a month or 2 months.

It may sound old-fashioned to count calories, but it is still a highly effective way to keep track of your calorie consumption.

There are literally thousands of fad diets available which you can try, but it is important to know which foods are the best to lose weight as well  as when it comes to planning your diet.

It is also vital that you must feel satiated whilst dieting, but sill staying inside your calorie limitations.

Feeling satiated will help you to avoid hunger pangs or cravings and support you not to stray from both your diet & weight loss objectives.

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Here’s How To Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks And Actually Keep It Off


1. Drink Enough Water:

Whilst on a diet, a lot of people are just focussing on what they may eat or what not!

Unfortunately they don’t take into account the quantity of calories they are consuming when drinking lemonade, fruit juices, sweetened tea & coffee or soda!

The First thing to remember if you want to lose 20 pounds without exercise is that every calorie counts!

Only drink water for the whole time you are on a diet, although there are 2 nice exceptions which are coffee and tea.

When you drink these drinks without milk, honey or sugar they are calorie-free!

According to a study conducted, it has shown that people on a diet, consuming 2 glasses of water approximately 20 minutes prior to each meal were able to lose more weight than dieters who did not!

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2. Low-Calorie Foods:

In fact consuming low-calories foods are your best allies whilst dieting.

Below you will find a list of these types of food we advise you to add to your grocery list.

Low-Calorie Foods

Consuming these fresh vegetables and fruits will keep you satiated without straying from your diet!

Top Tip: Eat 1 serving of a fresh vegetable of fruit before eating a meal of 300 calories.

Eat ½ a cucumber before you enjoy a sandwich which will help you to feel fuller for longer.

This is the key to dieting successfully – stay satiated!

3. Caffeine:


Coffee & tea without milk or sugar can form part of your diet to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

Whilst contributing to break the boredom when dieting, caffeine within coffee & tea can assist you to lose weight.

Caffeine boosts your metabolism and helps you to spend a larger quantity of calories in comparison with dieting without caffeine.

Certain detox and diet teas like Skinnymint use green tea which contains caffeine to assist with weight loss, whilst red detox tea does the same!

Keep in consideration that caffeine is some kind of drug which can result in negative side effects when used excessively.

The side effects of caffeine include: nausea, nervousness & higher blood pressure etc.

Avert the intake of caffeine during the late afternoon & evenings, because sleeping well is vital when dieting and caffeine may result in insomnia for some people.

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4. Cook Your own food:

Cook for yourself when you are on a calorie restricted diet.

Avoid eating out when you are dieting.

The majority of restaurant prepared foods contain a high content of fats and sugars, which you want to cut out whilst dieting.

5. Portion Sizes:

When you are learning how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks for women, you should have the knowledge about portion size.

Your portion size must be adapted to fit inside your caloric goals.

Some people use smaller plates which can be helpful, which inhibits you to load a larger one!

Remember, if you eat too much low-calorie, healthy foods it won’t help you to achieve your weight loss goal. Keep in mind, quantities do matter!

6. Consume Fats & Proteins, Avoid Sugar:

Consume Fats & Proteins

Dieters, who know how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, know that fats actually are not as malicious as they are often presented.

According to recent evidence it is sugar and not fats which may be the cause of being overweight, obese or have a disease.

Researchers are still busy to discover how it works, although many of them believe that consuming too much sugar may change your metabolic rate which results in you becoming hungrier whilst craving more sugar instead of satiating you.

Proteins and fats satiate us for a longer period of time.

Due to the fact that fats and proteins take longer to digest, your blood sugar levels won’t spike so high after having a meal. Thus, no sugar crash will occur.

Starch & sugar cravings or a constant sweet tooth may be an indication that you are consuming too may simple carbohydrates or sugary foods in your eating regimen.

If it is your target to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks without exercise, consume more proteins and healthy fats.

Cut refined carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, crackers & white bread as well as sugars from your diet.

Opt for whole wheat carbohydrates if you like carbs.

The following foods are examples of healthy fats:

whilst dairy are good options too. Another great source of proteins and fatty acids are fish, try to consume fish on a regular basis.

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Diet & Weight Loss Supplements

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1. Diet Programmes:

There are a lot of structured diets available which can assist you to lose weight, in addition to the above-mentioned advice.

Here we will just name a few and we believe if you are a person who want to know exactly what to eat each day, there will be one for you out there:

  • Atkins diet;
  • GenoType diet;
  • DASH diet;
  • Mayo Clinic diet to mention some.

2. Supplements:

A lot of weight loss supplements are available in the market which can also assist you to reach your goal weight;

“Resurge” Supplement can assist you to achieve a fullness feeling whilst you are on an extremely calorie-restricting diet.

Another, like “Leptitox” may assist in boosting your body’s metabolism.

Yet another is to consider using Apple Cider Vinegar in liquid form or pills which is a natural option.

More natural weight loss options are drinking lemon water or ginger tea to help you accomplishing your weight loss plan.

How To Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks With Smoothies

Red Smoothie Detox

Another excellent tool how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks with smoothies can help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Using smoothies enable you to control the ingredients.

You can create delicious smoothies by using the right combination of ingredients which will assist you to drop pounds.

Ingredients To Use For Losing Weight

Below are ingredients you can use in your smoothie which can enhance your weight loss:

  • Avocado
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Berries
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Coconut oil
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, nut butters & nuts.
  • Stevia; when your smoothie needs extra sweetness, use stevia
  • Pulp from the fruit – use it in smoothie – excellent fibre source

NOTE: We advise you to stick with berries & avocados.

Ingredients which you have to Avoid:

  • Fruit juice
  • Canned vegetables & fruits
  • Dairy products
  • An excess of sweet fruit
  • Certain protein powders – we recommend Sun Warrior Protein

How To Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar comes from apples. It is produced by extracting the liquid from the apples, and then it is infused by using yeast for the fermentation process to create an alcohol.

After passing through another fermenting stage, acetic acid is created which turns this liquid into vinegar.

A variety of scientific studies had showed that apple cider vinegar can assist with weight loss.

It was proved that it let dieters feel much fuller which effectively helped them to drop the pounds.

How To Consume Apple Cider Vinegar:

Consume the drink prior to each meal.

  • You can drink one teaspoon neat or can dilute it.
  • Use 2 tablespoon and dilute it in a cup of water.
  • Stevia, maple syrup or raw honey can be added if it tastes unpleasant.

How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks Keto

How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks Keto

How much weight you will lose will depend on four key factors:

1. Your Health Condition:

Are you:

Having thyroid problems?
Insulin resistant?
Experiencing fast or slow metabolism?

2. Daily Habits:

Are you consuming clean keto-foods or junk food high in fat?
Do you follow an exercise regime?
Are you on the look out for some hidden carbs?

The energy you are spending per day & the quality food you are consuming will have an influence on how effectively your body will be burning fat.

3. Body Composition:

Your statistics with regard to:

  • Your muscle mass
  • The amount of fat you must lose
  • Your BMI

4. Fat Adaptation Period:

Your metabolism will determine the time your body will require to adapt to fat.

If you were on a SAD (Standard American Diet) and your body never functioned on ketones previously, this adaptation period can take more time.

It is vital to focus on and to stay consistent on consuming foods which are keto friendly.

The keto diet is not just a diet; it is a change of lifestyle & a metabolic shift towards your health.

Other Benefits Of The Keto Diet

  • Fewer cravings
  • Boosting your energy levels through the day
  • More mental clarity
  • Healthier skin, hair & nails
  • Prevention of chronic disorders
  • Lower inflammation

We believe that will give you more information of how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks keto!

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Now we want to introduce you to a new dietary programme, called The 2 Week Diet.

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The 2 Week Diet will help you to accomplish in just 14 days, which takes most other diet programmes 2 to 3 months!

This awesome 2 Week Diet will enable you to:

1. Losing Body Fat:

Within 14 days you will shed the minimum of 6 pounds (3 kilogram) body fat. This will be achieved by using the most effective and quickest techniques to burn fat.

2. Let your waistline shrink with 2-4 Inches:

The 2 Week Diet will enable you to start wearing the type of clothes you always desire to wear. How? By removing 2-4 inches from your waistline!

3. Drop 2-3 dress sizes within only 2 weeks:

You may have tried all the diet programmes available, but this is not something ever achieved just in 14 days.

4. Decreasing Cellulite:

This awesome, new diet system will not just let you lose weight! It will also give you a more beautiful skin; you will get tighter, whilst it is accomplished without injections or painful surgery!

5. Increasing Muscle Mass:

The 2 Week Diet will leave women nicely toned, whilst men will be sculpted. The best news of all is that this can be achieved in an unbelievable time, whilst it generally takes months.

6. Improving Cholesterol Levels:

Yes, you had read correctly! This amazing 2 Week Diet can lower your cholesterol levels. No need to worry about your heart health, whilst it will keep your doctor smiling!

7. Increasing Energy Levels:

Using the 2 Week Diet will increase your energy levels. You will be waking up feeling refreshed, whilst other programs will let you wake up feeling totally exhausted.

8. Boosting your Metabolism:

The 2 Week Diet will boost your metabolism to an almost super level, whilst it will be igniting your fat throughout the day. You will be able to keep burning fat while you are sleeping!

9. More Youthful, Healthier Skin and Hair:

Your skin and hair will be looking better than ever before. Due to plain scientific procedures in the 2 Week Diet system, you will not only lose weight, you will look absolutely amazing!

10. Health Benefits:

Using the 2 Week Diet programme will give you a lot of health advantages which will actually take your doctor by surprise!

Furthermore, The 2 Week Diet include the following Handbooks:

  • Launch Handbook
  • Activity Handbook
  • Diet Handbook
  • Motivation Handbook

2 Week Diet

Brian Flatt, the Creator of the 2 Week Diet, are so confident about his new 2 Week Diet that he will give you this awesome weight loss programme for a mere $37, whilst his private clients have to pay an hourly rate of up to $100 to get his tips, techniques and advice to lose weight!

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All you have to lose is body fat and weight, because Brian Flatt provides the 2 Week Diet with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

We highly recommend the 2 Week Diet programme for all people who strive to lose weight in a short period of time and whilst losing those fat you will get the benefits we described above.

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We believe that with all the general weight loss information we shared with you in our article that you will know how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, although it is advisable to lose that amount of weight over a longer period of time.

All of us know the desire to fit into that beautiful little black dress for a very special celebration!


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