How To Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger Naturally (According To Research)

In today’s society it is normal for women to want to have larger breasts as breast enhancements are at the order of the day among celebrities.

However, for this article we will focus on how to accomplish enhancing the size of your boobs, without going under the knife to get breast implant surgery.

Natural Ways To Get Bigger Boobs

Natural Breast Enlargement

1. Adjust Your Diet:

To get the boobs you always desired your diet is a vital aspect to help you to achieve your goal of enhancing the size of your boobs.

Consume foods which are abundant in proteins and take care to eat clean foods. Protein, which is essential for your body to build muscles, which include your chest muscles, will also repair unhealthy and worn tissues within your breasts, leading to perkier and larger boobs!

Excellent foods abundant in protein:

 Eggs
 Milk –  or alternatives for milk such as almond & soy
 Fish
 Beans
 Peanut butter
 Yogurt
 Cheese
 Quinoa
 Tofu

Consume foods rich in estrogen:

Estrogen, a female hormone, is responsible amongst other functions, to increase your breast size.

However, it is a fact that your body is responsible for the production of estrogen, whilst you are in puberty up till the age of 18 – 19 years old. Consuming foods rich in estrogen can render help to increase the size of your boobs too.

Foods rich in estrogen:

Foods rich in estrogen

 Kidney & Lima beans
 Fenugreek seeds
 Dairy products like yogurt and cheese
 Lentils and chickpeas
 Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers & beets
 Fruits like cherries, plums & apples
 Spices like clover, oregano & sage
 Grains like barley, wheat & rice

Eat foods with high content of phytoestrogen:

While your levels of estrogen are low, phytoestrogen is handy to take control, helping to increase your boobs size.

Research had shown that taking phytoestrogen tablets resulted in increasing the breast tissue where pre-menopausal women were concerned. There are plenty of delicious foods which contain phytoestrogen and you can add it to your diet.

Good food sources containing phytoestrogen:

 Fruits like raspberries, strawberries & peaches
 Nuts like walnuts, pistachios, chestnuts & cashews
 Flax seeds
 Beverages like black & green tea, red & white wine
 Winter squash & green beans

This being said, it is important to avoid taking either estrogen pills or supplements for increasing the size of your boobs.

Consuming foods rich in estrogen & phytoestrogen moderately can result in increasing the size of your breasts. However don’t drink estrogen supplements or pills just to increase your boobs size.

Consult with your doctor when you are feeling that you need such pills which go over and above wanting bigger breasts. You should never drink such supplements by self-medication!

Regrettably, the medicine which increases boobs size has been associated with blood clots, breast cancer as well as other disorders which are not worth just to increase your boobs size.

Some studies suggested that no proof exists that both estrogen and phytoestrogen do increase the size of breasts.

Consume foods rich in healthy fat:

Consuming foods rich in healthy fats can also assist to improve both the size and health of your boobs.

Food sources rich in healthy fats:

 Herring
 Avocado
 Olive Oil
 Raw Nuts
 Linseed oil
 Sesame seeds

2. The adequate intake of vitamins:

By following a healthy diet you will give your body the vitamins it needs to function well. However, it is vital to get your vitamins on a daily basis to enable your body, including your boobs to be remarkably healthy.

 Vitamin A:

Boost the generation of cells, whilst revitalizing your skin which both will enhance your boobs.

 Vitamin B6:

This vitamin facilitates the growth of new blood cells, whilst reducing inflammation.

 Vitamin C:

Vitamin C assists the body with the natural production of collagen & elastin.

A deficiency in vitamins will have an effect on the size of your boobs, whilst it can result in a greater risk of disease, which includes breast cancer.

For enhancing your health further combine a healthy diet with the intake of a multivitamin.

Foods to consume when you are striving to optimize your health, which of course include your breasts, are: oils, beans & fish.

Follow An Effective Exercise Routine:

Follow An Effective Exercise Routine

Following an effective exercise routine can let your boobs look bigger by expanding, strengthening and lifting your pectoral muscles.

1. Push-ups:

Push-ups are an effective type of exercise which will strengthen your pectoral muscles, located just below your boobs, whilst it will also enhance your triceps!

If you are not used to do push-ups, begin with doing only 2 or 3 of 5 reps on a daily basis, because it will strain your arms. As you get physically stronger, you can increase it.

2. Wall press:

This is just another type of push-up which will work your pectoral muscles and upper arms. When you are starting out with wall presses, do it twice a day, starting with 10 reps.

3. Lift dumbbells:

Lifting dumbbells is an effective exercise which can also strengthen the pectoral muscles. Use dumbbells which are heavy enough for some impact, but it must not be too heavy which will result in muscle strain.

This exercise can be done at a gym or at home.

4. Fly Lifts:

This is another effective exercise to enhance the size of your boobs. Start by doing 2 sets of 15 reps and increase it as you get stronger.

5. Crunches:

Crunches are good for enhancing boob size, whilst it will also cut belly fat & strengthening abdominal muscles.

Do crunches by starting out with 1 – 2 sets on a daily basis, doing 10 reps.

6. Other exercises you can include for enhancing boobs size:

 Planks
 Chair dips
 Chest Press

We advise you to browse the Internet to learn how to do the above-mentioned exercises if you are not familiar with it.

Massage yourself:

Besides the fact that a breast massage is good, it’s also a proven method to enhance your boobs’ size!

With a massage the unhealthy breast tissue is broken down, thus providing them the sufficient flow of blood required for facilitating the production of healthy and new cells.

You can also ask your partner to give you a breast massage for 30 minutes on a daily basis or do it yourself.

Keep your Posture Perfect:

Always be mindful of keeping a perfect posture. This is actually the fastest and easiest way to let your boobs appear larger. Your spine should be straight, whilst your shoulders should be raised naturally and not slouched over.

Don’t fold your arms across your chest, but keep them at your sides. This will make you appear taller and adding a look of confidence, whilst it will let your boobs appear bigger & perkier.

In a hunched over position, your boobs are hunched over too, whilst standing proud and tall, your breasts would too!

Tips for keeping a better posture:

Add the following exercises to your exercise routine, if you had not done it already:

 Planks
 Shoulder rolls
 “To the sky” stretches
 Crunches
 Lunges

Wear an appropriately fitting bra:

How To Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger

According to research about 8 from 10 women don’t wear the right size bra. When you are wearing a too small bra, your boobs will appear smaller; whilst wearing a too large bra can let your boobs hang loosely which also make their appearance smaller.

Wear a perfectly fitted bra if you want to let your breasts  look larger!

Tips to find a bra which fit perfectly:

1. Don’t put your focus on the cup size, but on the band’s width. Of course cup size is of significance too, but just if you know if you are a number 32 or 38. This is the factor which makes the difference.

2. Never allow your bra’s band riding up at your back.

3. Take care not to wear the bra on its tightest hooks, excepting that this way it is fitting the best.

4. Take care that your bra is right for the kind of clothing you are wearing. Be cautious to wear the same bra with various tops. Some of these tops can let your boobs appear smaller.

Another easy and quick fix is to opt for wearing a push-up or padded bra. Wearing a padded bra will make your boobs looking somewhat bigger, whilst a push-up bra may be able to make it appear much larger!

Before buying any bra, plain, push-up or padded, get fitted prior to trying on the bra. Don’t overdo it when it comes to the padded bra, as you don’t want it to look too obvious!

Use Makeup for contouring your boobs:

Women are contouring their boobs using makeup frequently, particularly models and actresses on movie sets.

Doing this will create an illusion and all what is needed is some brush strokes. However, avoid getting makeup on your shirt or top.

If you are considering contouring, follow these steps indicated below:

1. Dress yourself in the bra and outfit you will be wearing.

2. To protect your top from getting soiled with makeup place some toilet paper or tissues into your top’s or shirt’s front side.

3. Take a darker powder or bronzer and apply it down in the area of your cleavage.

4. Blending this colour outward & up, creating a v-shape along your boobs’ natural curve.

5. Using face powder or eye shadow, in a lighter shade, like peach or gold, brushing it over your boobs’ top half.

6. Blend the shade with a sponge in creating a more natural and full appearance for your boobs.

Choose clothes to emphasise your Bust-Line:

With this trick you can also make your boobs look bigger. Choose tops with patterning in the chest-area or covered with frilly lace.

Wear shirts having a low neckline which will show off your cleavage, but not revealing too much which will make your boobs look smaller. Try to wear horizontal stripes which will be stretching out your boobs.

When you are wearing tops with one colour on top of your boobs, whilst having another colour below, will also enhance a bigger look for your boobs.

What to wear and not to wear if you want your boobs to look bigger:

1. Choose a shirt or dress having an under wire which can perk up your boobs in a natural way.

2. Wear dresses or shirts which fan-out just beneath your breast bone to make your boobs look larger.

3. Wear a pendant necklace which hangs between your boobs to place attention on your boobs.

4. Don’t wear shirts which are fitting too tight around your boobs, like boob tubes, whilst avoiding halters which don’t fit. Doing this, will let your boobs appear smaller.

Be The Smart Woman You Are:

how to make your boobs grow bigger

1. Be patient:

When you are still young, it can happen that your boobs did not yet reached its full size. It is a fact that puberty has different affects on different women.

Even when you think that your boobs had reached their full size, it can possibly grow in your later teens or later, forming part or your natural process of developing.

It may also happen that you can gain some weight when you are older or using the contraceptive pill which can let your boobs grows larger.

Give yourself chance to grow into your body before you make changes to your boob size.

2. Don’t take the contraceptive pill with the sole purpose of having bigger boobs:

It’s a fact that some contraceptive pills can enhance your boobs’ size.

We advise against drinking the contraceptive pill if it’s your sole purpose to have larger breasts!

If you are experiencing difficult periods, just became sexually active or for other reasons want to use a contraceptive pill, please consult with your doctor to be able to take an informed decision.

Beginning to drink the birth control pill may result in unpleasant side effects, like longer periods and mood swings which are not worth drinking the pill only to enhance the size of your boobs.

3. Do your research before falling for scams:

You will observe a lot of ads for supplements, injections or pills which are so-called proven to let your boobs grow larger naturally.

We can assure you that there are a very small number of supplements or pills which were proven to work, without negative side effects.

Follow the natural way by dieting & exercising or use the above-mentioned tips to create the look of bigger boobs, than using potions which can cause damage to your body.

Always consult with your doctor, prior to consuming or applying any so-called supplements or pills.

4. Stay away from Botox:

A lot of women between 30 and 50 years of age turn to Botox to give them a boobs lift, whilst paying about $2,000.

Whilst research did not yet establish if this is an unsafe procedure, certain doctors are of the opinion that its effect is hardly worth it. It has the same effect as correcting your posture!

Natural Herbal Supplements To Increase Breast Size:

There are actually some natural herbal supplements which you can take to enhance the size or your boobs.

 Fenugreek:

Fenugreek, a leading herbal supplement was used during the centuries and had showed notable results when it comes to fuller and firmer boobs.

Using products which show fenugreek as their key ingredient can also treat fever, coughs, hypertension, anaemia & diabetes amongst others.

 Wild yam:

Wild yam poses to be another natural method to enlarge your boobs, whilst it will also help with the improvement of liver health, reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and enhancing digestion.

Wild yam is an antioxidant which can also decrease cholesterol and reduce your blood sugar level.

 Pueraria Mirifica:

This herb originates from Thailand and is also called Kwao Krua. It is a rather popular belief that with this herb you could assist increasing your boobs size with 80%, whilst its health benefits are extended to your skin & hair.

Other noteworthy supplements are: chaste tree berry, black cohosh, fennel, kava & saw palmetto. However, due to the fact that the mentioned supplements don’t have the endorsement of the medical affiliation we advise you to take caution when using them.

Choosing the right herbal supplements for enhancing boobs size:

Below we describe what you should be looking for:

1. Care about the ingredients:

Before choosing herbal supplements to get a larger cup size, carefully observe what you will be taking. Carefully check through the ingredients on the labels.

Characteristic herbs are used in a blend, which may support breast enhancement in women. Certain herbs, which are the same as saw palmetto were used during a lot of years for a variety of wellbeing applications.

2. Know how these herbal supplements work:

Consult your doctor or medical professional regarding the ingredients’ efficiency. Observe the reasons why the herbs which are used in the supplement, are actually there.

Monitor the formula for what the specific herb is chosen, which will give you insight what side effects you can expect.

3. Know the herbs as well as the remedy:

Don’t trust any brand blindly. Do research about the herbs which were used in the prescribed medication, whilst cross checking them too.

Browse the Internet, whilst using reputable sources and research whether these herbs were proven to enhance boobs size.

It is not unusual to find some herbal supplements which make claims to enhance breast size and in the end you are greatly disappointed.

4. Find reviews:

It is a fact that you can’t take decisions only based on the reviews of online customers, but they actually matter.

The principal reason for observing reviews is that you can’t take the risk of harming your health exchanging it for beauty!

Look at the brand’s authenticity as well as the manufacturer.

Breast Enlargement Pump

Another popular procedure for ladies, who want to enhance their boobs’ size, is to use the breast enlargement pump.

Regrettably, the majority of women are expecting instant results. Whilst using this breast enlargement pump, an instant swelling will be noticeable in the boobs. However, this result will just last for a couple of hours.

A main reason why this procedure fails is due to the fact that women are not patient enough and give up too soon.

For permanent results it is required that you use the breast enlargement pump on a daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week. In approximately 6 months, results should be noticeable.

What is the reason that some of these procedures fail?

Natural boobs enlargement procedures offer a natural & safe way in which women can transform the feel as well as the look of their boobs. However, the majority of women fail, due to inconsistency.

Like all things in daily life, it is necessary to keep doing it for a long enough period to achieve results.

The only way tot instantly enhance your boobs’ size is by breast implant surgery.

As many celebrities, models and actresses are going under the knife for breast implants, it is a fact that over 30% or these women required a second surgery procedure to fix the first one’s flaws!

We described common procedures of enhancing your boobs size in a natural way. When you combine these examples with a good sleeping pattern, exercising and consuming lots of water, your boobs will get bigger sooner!

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