TOP 21 Amazing Kombucha Health Benefits According To Scientists

Kombucha is one of the most favorite fermented drinks of people in west. It gives energy and other health benefits to people because of the essential nutrient properties in it. Many people have heard that the kombucha is used to prevent and treat many diseases.

But not everyone knows what kind of diseases this drink helps to cure. What is the actual use of kombucha? How to preserve kombucha. Benefits and harms of kombucha. We will try to cover all these things and other uses of kombucha in this great article.


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Kombucha is a mixture of yeast-like fungi and acetic acid bacteria. This product contains a little bit of ethyl alcohol, about 2.5%. People are using the healing properties of the kombucha to cure diseases since ancient times. In nature, the kombucha has not yet been detected. Some researchers consider that Sri Lanka is the home of Kombucha.

In their opinion, it was brought from Sri Lanka to other countries. Researchers started to research on the properties of this useful product from the end of the nineteenth century. In Russia, it was widely used in the central provinces. The first scientific description of the kombucha was made in 1913 by the German scientist G. Linda.

What Is Kombucha?

It is a delicious drink, obtained from the infusion of strong tea. It is a product like a jellyfish. It is a cluster of yeast fungi and a stick (acetic acid). The drink is obtained because of fermentation of the microorganism with any tea. It includes many useful properties:

• The main useful components are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. Kombucha is widely used in folk medicine, with its help you can overcome several complex ailments. The kombucha has proved to be good in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract.

• The drink improves digestion, stabilizes the work of the intestines, suppresses bad breath. Also, it cures problems with the gallbladder and liver.

• The drink relieves the gastrointestinal tract from infectious diseases. It fights against cholecystitis, enteritis, enterocolitis, and dysentery.

• The systematic use of the drink for 2 months will lead the body to lower blood pressure and the total cholesterol.

• It relieves insomnia and headaches.

• A tea mushroom drink cure from tuberculosis in the early stages. The Kombucha is recommended for elderly people. The drink charges the body with energy, helps with the major problems of the nervous system and raises vitality.

Kombucha​​ Nutrition Facts

Kombucha is a universal therapeutic and preventive remedy that helps to recover from many diseases. The healing properties of the Kombucha have a wide range of applications. The infusion of the Kombucha contains a lot of biologically active microelements, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. Also, it is rich in lipids and organic acids which includes malic, lactic, acetic, citric and phosphoric. Kombucha is a real storehouse of useful substances.

The maximum use of kombucha is due to the activity of yeast fungi and bacteria. Enzymes that are part of it, can control the processes of synthesis and decay. Scientists are sure that all internal organs suffer from a lack of these enzymes, which subsequently leads to several diseases (arthritis, emphysema, digestive disorders).

Synthesis processes play an important role in the life of the body and metabolism, and if they become more active, then the benefits from them are greater. Infusion of the Kombucha helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and gallbladder. It is also known that it works as an antibiotic and a restorative aid in ARI, angina or influenza.

How To Make Kombucha?

We are going to share a very simple to prepare kombucha at home.

• Prepare black, green or herbal tea according to your daily routine recipe.

• Strain the infusion and cool it to room temperature.

• Put the mushroom in a jar, cover with gauze and put in a warm dark place. For young mushrooms, it is recommended to add 100 ml of tea from the previous jar, where the mushroom was infused.

• Pour the prepared infusion into a glass container, close it tightly and keep it in a cool place for 5 days.

• After 5-10 days, a delicious drink will be ready. Rinse the mushroom and dip it into a new jar with the prepared tea.

Thing To Notice During Fermentation

Almost immediately the mushroom will emit carbon dioxide, after a couple of days it will rise from the bottom and float upward. Gradually, it will increase significantly in size.

The jellyfish will have new layers that are easy to separate and use to make the drink in a new container. Infusion in the process of fermentation gradually evaporates. Therefore, to ensure that the bottle was always full, it is necessary to periodically add fresh sweetened tea.

Kombucha Health Benefits

Kombucha is often called the mushroom. It also has many other names – the Manchu, Japanese or marine fungus. Some call it the mushroom Kombucha, Kombuka, tea kvass or fango. The composition of the kombucha includes vitamins, acids, enzymes useful for human beings. Kombucha helps to overcome colds, insomnia, hypertension, and headaches. The list of medicinal properties of the kombucha is impressive.

Kombucha Health Benefits

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It is proved that kombucha has antibacterial and antimicrobial action. It helps to cure various diseases of the liver and gallbladder, slows down and facilitates the course of tuberculosis. It has an antitoxic effect on the body, normalizes blood pressure and gives good results in treating various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, if you regularly drink this regularly, you can avoid many diseases.

• Kombucha has a unique effect in folk medicine. It is considered a drink that helps almost all diseases. But its greatest advantage is the probiotic character.

• It restores the corresponding intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment and effectively strengthens the immune system.

• The drink from kombucha significantly improves digestion, stimulates metabolism and accelerates the burning of fats.

• This product has very good detoxification characteristics and it is effectively used for blood purification.

• It is also blessed with the anti-cancer effect, as it contains many antioxidants that destroy free radicals. It directly contributes to the formation of abnormal cancer cells and is responsible for the aging process.

• The kombucha possesses hepatoprotective and nephroprotective properties. It has a positive effect on chronic liver and kidney diseases. It also protects these organs from unfavorable conditions.

• Regular use of the drink helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, which can prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

• In type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent), the therapeutic effect of kombucha, infused with sugar-reducing herbal collections, is useful.

• People who are suffering from insomnia, if regularly drink kombucha will note a significant improvement in the situation. The infusion acts very quickly to the nervous system, improves concentration, and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

• Kombucha is also an additional source of energy, therefore it is recommended to drink it also to those who suffer from chronic fatigue.

• It has a positive effect on vision, accelerates the healing of wounds, reduces the degree of shading of hair, and control the craving for alcohol.

• The kombucha drinks perfectly tones up your body. As it contains theine and catechins. It is recommended to drink in the morning instead of tea and coffee. It is quickly absorbed into the blood due to its carbonation, so you can feel freshness immediately.

• The infusion of the kombucha contains vitamins PP, C, and group B, trace elements, proteins, and amino acids, monosaccharides and disaccharides, respectively. It perfectly nourishes the body, increases efficiency, enhances brain activity.

• This drink is recommended for those who are engaged in intellectual work, sleeps a little and does not have the opportunity to correct their diet. However, it should be remembered that the kombucha is contraindicated in people with a sick stomach, especially those with acidity.

Kombucha Weight Loss

Kombucha Weight Loss

Is Kombucha Helps you to lose weight FAST? Kombucha helps to normalize the metabolism and improve the work of the intestines, its results also include to getting rid of excess weight. To get an apparent effect, you need to drink 3 cups of kombucha every day for an hour before meals.

But to lose weight only with the help of this drink will not work. This method works in combination with other means. It can be an important part of your diet of weight loss.

You should follow a 3-month course to get rid of excess weight through this drink. After each month, you need to arrange a break for one week. You can make kombucha tea for weight loss, which will help to strengthen the effect. You can prepare a very useful and tasty drink from Kombucha, cooked on herbal decoctions.

You can use blackcurrant leaves, cranberries, raspberries, nettles, dog rose, yarrow. To prepare the broth for 1 liter of water, pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture. It will help you to achieve your weight lose goals.

Kombucha Benefits For Digestive System.

The researchers found that regular use of this drink provides great benefits to the human body. This drink helps to purify the digestive and intestinal organs from pathogenic microflora. It helps to treat diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys. You can use this drink once a day or you can also consult from your regular doctor.

It will help your stomach to digest food quickly which includes carbohydrates, fats, proteins etc. The drink of the kombucha contains the enzymes necessary for the body like lipase (promotes the breakdown of fats), protease (responsible for the breakdown of proteins) and amylase (splits starch). Accordingly, this drink contributes to the digestion of food and removes unnecessary substances from the body. In addition, kombucha effectively fights with constipation.

Kombucha contains lactic acid which decreases the harmful bacteria from the body living in the intestines. In addition, it helps with the quick digestion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also improves the efficiency of physical exercises

Good Drink For Summer

The kombucha perfectly quenches thirst. It does not heat up in hot weather. It retains its medicinal properties with long storage in the refrigerator. You can also add a little honey to it which makes the taste of the drink even more pleasant and at the same time enhances its bactericidal properties. But you cannot add too much honey because it slows the growth of bacteria.

Kombucha Improves Muscular Activity

Muscular Activity

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Scientists note that the kombucha drink produces a tonic effect. One of the important components of this drink is gluconic acid. This substance normalizes metabolism in the human body and improves muscular activity.

Kombucha Is Natural Antiseptic Medicine

According to recent studies, this drink can replace artificial antiseptics and antibiotics. These properties of this product are used for the prevention and treatment of infectious and catarrhal diseases.

Kombucha Benefits For Oral Health Care

Oral Health

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If you need to remove bad breath, then you can use kombucha. To cope with this problem, you need to rinse your mouth with kombucha liquid every day. It is believed that the substances contained in the kombucha help to get rid of a toothache.

Kombucha strengthens the gums and prevents the development of periodontal disease. It also contains bleaching properties. After brushing your teeth rinse your mouth for 2 minutes with infusion diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio to make the teeth whiter. Kombucha helps in the treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis.

Kombucha Benefits Skin

Kombucha has excellent cosmetic properties, which makes it possible to use it as a home remedy for the skin. Masks and lotions with this ingredient can easily be prepared by yourself. Mask prepared by kombucha cleans the skin well, narrowing the pores, helping to make the skin more elastic and youthful. Kombucha is actively used in cosmetology.

It is capable of cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, narrowing and making the pores less visible. To narrow the pores, it is necessary to freeze the kombucha in an ice mold and wipe the face with a cube of such ice every morning. Infected wounds and burns can also be treated with a tea mushroom infusion. On the damaged surface of the skin a thin layer of mushroom mass is applied, and when it dries, the procedure must be repeated and continue until the reddening subsides.

GREAT Mask For skin with Kombucha

To prepare this mask, you need a chopped banana pulp (2 tablespoons) and a kombucha infusion (half glass). Mix both things carefully. Add olive oil (2 teaspoons), lemon juice (1 teaspoonful) and two egg yolks are mixed into the resulting mass.

Apply on your face for half an hour to the cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth. At the end of the cosmetic procedure, the mask is rinsed off with warm water. You will see the glow and shine on your clean face.

Kombucha Ice Cubes For The Skin

Cosmetic ice cubes of kombucha narrow the pores and tones the skin. For its preparation, you can use a liquid that has been infused for a month. The infusion should be poured into the ice-cube trays and place them in a freezer. The ice obtained from this method should be used as a wipe on the clean face every day in the morning.

Kombucha Treatment For Burning Skin

Kombucha can be used to treat burns. To do this, place a thin layer of the kombucha on the burn. When the applique from the mass dries up, it must be replaced promptly for a new portion. Continue this procedure until the redness does not pass.

At the same time, the burn heals very quickly, and there will practically no traces on the body. And this product helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis, keratitis, purulent inflammation on the skin. To treat these diseases, use kombucha in liquid form.

Kombucha Drink Takes Care Of Your Hairs


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Kombucha is an excellent remedy for hair restoration and daily care. It gives the hair a bright shine, eliminates dandruff, helps to improve their overall condition. With the help of kombucha, you can improve the condition of the multi-edges hairs. You can apply the mixture both in pure form and in combination with various herbs.

Different mixtures for strengthening hairs can be prepared at home. To do this, take dry nettles (3-4 spoon), pour it with a warm infusion of kombucha (1 glass). The resulting mixture should be infused during the day, then it is filtered. This mask can saturate the roots of hair with vitamins. As a result, the appearance and condition of both hair follicles and hairs.

Another very good remedy for hairs prepared with kombucha:

Take 250 grams of stale rye bread or biscuits. Pour the bread with the warm infusion of the kombucha. Apply the mass to the hairs. Warm the head with a towel or a woolen cloth. After 30 minutes, wash off the mixture with warm water. Use shampoo or conditioner to wash your hairs properly. The effect of this recipe can be seen after the first-time use. Try to apply this mixture twice a week, then your hair will shine and will get more glow.

Benefits and Side effects of drinking Kombucha During Pregnancy

Kombucha is not much necessary to girls during pregnancy and to the breastfeeding women. The opinion arises specifically because of the content of ethyl alcohol in the beverage.

The opinions of experts in this matter vary. Many argue that it is forbidden to use the infusion during pregnancy since there is a real harm to the fetus. But there is an exception, it can take the drink if the girl received the composition well in advance of pregnancy. But in the lactation period, it makes sense to limit oneself in the use of the drink. For a woman who is breastfeeding, the drink can be very useful. But it will be not useful for a baby.

Women Pregnancy

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• If before and afterward the body did not get drunk and did not detect allergic reactions, the drink can be continued to be dosed. Due to the complex of vitamin B in the mushroom, the whole body gets more strength. Drink serves as a natural protective barrier against many colds.

• In addition, a refreshing mushroom with sour helps to cure of toxicosis. In such a case, the tea-mushroom infusion will bring the real benefit. After giving birth and during the period of breastfeeding, it is recommended to give up the drink.

• Studies to the end did not show whether the drink will be useful for the baby in this period. At the infant in the first months of life, the intestinal microflora and the immune system are formed. For this simple reason, you should not take additional products, and mothers need to carefully monitor their diets.

• After six months you can try to gradually use the infusion of kombucha. Watch for the reaction of your body and child. For any signs or abnormalities, stop taking it immediately. If necessary, consult a specialist.

Another Simples and Best Recipe of Kombucha Tea

The best nutrient way to make kombucha sweet tea. It is prepared in this way: pour warm water (1 liter) into the dishes, then add dry tea leaves and sugar (100 grams). It is necessary to wait until the tea cools, only after that it can be poured into a jar with kombucha. Do not put sugar directly on the drink, sugar will lose its properties.
When should you drink Kombucha?

The maximum benefit of the kombucha for the body is manifested if you consume kvass one hour before meals or three hours after. If you drink an infusion in the morning, it helps to get rid of sleepiness and fills the body with energy. In the evening, on the contrary, it relaxes and helps to fall asleep.

How Much Kombucha Should I Drink

It is necessary to use not more than half a liter of drink per day. And after every two months, you must do a 30-day break so that the stomach rests from the influence of acidic environment. A mushroom drink helps from many diseases. Its benefits and harm are clarified by doctors who confirm that the jellyfish does not pose a health threat.

Kombucha Tea Side Effects

It was formerly believed that the kombucha contains useful properties only, but now the latest clinical studies have proved that it can also bring some troubles. It can be drunk only if quality tea, clean water, and all sanitary norms are used for its preparation.

Scientists carefully studied the jellyfish and found out that acetic acid can cause damage to health in the tea fungus. Excessive consumption of kvass can provoke the development of gastritis or peptic ulcer.

If you grow a tea mushroom and do not know the useful properties and contraindications, so please note that too strong saturated kvass causes nausea. The use of green tea as a nutritive liquid makes it very easy to lower the pressure considerably.

In addition, there are some contraindications for ingesting this drink:

• It is forbidden to drink infusion to people who suffer from diabetes because it contains sugar.

• Cultivation of the mushroom can be beneficial for the body only in glassware. Violation of this requirement is fraught with poisoning. No metal utensils made of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, no enamelware, especially with chips. You can get the heaviest poisoning with salts of metals.

• You cannot drink more than 3 glasses of infusion within one day.

• Do not continue to drink ripe kombucha if it has an unpleasant taste.

• Kombucha can be drunk after 2 hours of taking any medications.

• It must be remembered that it contains a small amount of alcohol, so do not drink when you are going to drive.

• If you have problems like bloating and diarrhea, the drink should be consumed with extreme caution. The reaction of the body with such ailments can be different. It is necessary to stop taking the drink if you have loose motion, and it does not stop for several days. In this case, do not entertain yourself with thoughts that the body is thoroughly cleansed.

• The wrong process of cooking the infusion will not provide all benefits. On the contrary, a pathogenic process takes place, which signals the intolerance of the ingredients of the drink.

• In diseases that require drug treatment, the advisability of drinking a drink should be discussed with the doctor. The mushroom infusion cannot be taken earlier than 3 hours after taking the medication.

• It is recommended to reduce the intake of the drink to the minimum dosage. If you will not feel good after drinking it, you should immediately stop using it. It can be harmful, and the product will lead the body to poison. In this case, you may be hospitalized.

• The main recommendations for taking a drink are that you cannot eat it while eating other food. It increases acidity, speeds up digestion, so you will very quickly feel that you are hungry again.


Modern science recognizes the healing properties of the kombucha tea. After serious scientific research, the scientists concluded that this is an extremely useful product, which they recommend preventing various diseases.

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