30 BEST Radish Health Benefits (+ What Are Radishes GOOD For?)

Today I’m going to show you exactly What Is Radish (Mooli)? What Are Radishes Good For? Plus, TOP 30+ Radish Health Benefits According To A Nutritionist.

Specifically, I’m going to show you TOP 30 Proven Radish Benefits For Beauty & Health, (With Amazing Uses of Radishes).

Let’s get started…

Radishes are native to China and made their way to other world countries. In ancient times radishes were highly acclaimed by Greece and Egypt, to such an extent that golden radish replicas were made in Greece.

Radishes are powerful, juicy and sweet in taste, whilst it is a root crop. Their colour varies and could be red, white, black or purple. Radishes can be eaten cooked, raw or even pickled. Radish oil, which is derives from its seeds is used in various products and beneficial health substances. They are found in a round, long or cylindrical shape.

What Is Radish?

The scientific name of radish is Raphanus sativus and is a species from the Brassicacea family. They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for the treatment of disorders like sore throat, fever, inflammation and bile disorders.

The flowers, leaves, pods and seeds are the components of radishes which are consumed in general. Consuming radishes on a daily basis will keep you healthy and fit, particularly during summers.

What Are Radishes GOOD For?

This root crop contains a rich content of folic acid, anthocyanins and vitamins and is seen as efficient cancer-fighting agents.

Radishes have an abundance of health benefits and it is excellent to enhance your skin and hair.

Radishes also contain isothiocyanates which can alter genetic pathways in such a major way, which can result in cell death (apoptosis), which eradicates cancerous cells and stops it from reproducing.

Radish Health Benefits

Radish Health Benefits

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Radish is great for your health. Here are The Best radishes health benefits and get a yummy radish recipe too!

1. Provides Dietary Fibre

Radishes have a high content of dietary fibre. It’s richness in fibre assists to improve the digestive system of the body and keep your metabolism in check. Due to its high roughage content, you will feel satiated for a longer period of time and can be an ideal snack.

2. Abundant in Iron

Radishes are rich in iron which impacts the blood positively and enhances the function of your heart. Iron assists in the maintenance of healthy cells, hair, skin and nails. Consuming foods rich in iron regularly, results in the improvement of overall appearances.

3. Rich in Vitamins

Radishes are rich in vitamins. It contains vitamins, C K and A which is beneficial in the prevention of skin conditions. Consuming radishes will also lead to enhanced cell production as well as cell repair.

4. Loaded with Antioxidants

Radishes have the same kinds of antioxidants which are found within vegetables and citrus fruits.

These antioxidants are protecting your body against the reactions of oxidation as well as by-products which make your body vulnerable to diseases and which can be cancerous. Taking this into account there is no doubt that radishes are good for you!

5. Enhances Metabolism

By the regular intake of radish your body’s metabolism process is bolstered which results in assisting the body’s internal systems to function more effectively. A healthy metabolism will contribute to the health benefits of radish for weight loss!

6. Building and Repair Muscle

muscle building

To build muscles, the body needs plenty of nutrients. Radishes have an abundance of proteins, which are essential for muscle building, as it forms the building blocks of your body’s muscles. Radishes are therefore a rich protein source which should be consumed regularly.

7. Source of Essential Minerals

A lot of minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium & sodium are contained in radishes, which play a major role in your metabolism.

These minerals are the oxygen carriers, blood sugar controllers and are the nutrients needed during pregnancy. They also assist to control your blood pressure.

8. Boosts Weight Loss

Consuming radishes are highly filling. You will be satiated without ruining your calorie intake. Radishes are high in roughage, low content of digestible carbohydrates, whilst containing an ample quantity of water. Therefore it becomes a good option to include in your diet for people who aspire to lose weight.

They are low on the body’s glycemic index, whilst rich in fibre which will result in increasing your bowel movements regularly, leading to weight loss, whilst increasing the metabolism effectively for all your body functions.

Radishes have a high content of water, whilst its non-digestible carbohydrates increase its benefits. Consuming radish can assist to curb your calorie intake as well as the accumulation of body fat. Thus, the health benefits of radish for weight loss are quite impressive!

Health Benefits of radish for weight loss

9. Improves Heart Health

Radishes, alike a lot of other vegetables, decrease cholesterol absorption by signalising the heart and blood which results in the prevention of cardiac disorders.

Radishes are rich in anthocyanins, which is a kind of flavonoids. It provides colour to radishes, whilst it has multiple health benefits. However, anthocyanins have been extensively studied, whilst it was positively associated with decreasing cardiovascular disorders.

10. Aids the Liver and Gallbladder

Radishes are highly beneficial for the effective functioning of the liver & gallbladder. Various research studies have been performed to determine how radish impacts the liver.

A study which was published during 2012 showed that extracts of the white radish enzyme assist in protecting you from hepatotoxicity.

Radishes are regulating the flow and production of bilirubin & bile, enzymes and acids. Thus, they are also removing the excess of bilirubin from your blood, whilst containing enzymes such as diastase, myrosinase, esterase & amylase.

Consuming radishes on a regular basis will protect your gallbladder and liver from ulcers & infections.

Radishes are potent detoxifying agents which assist with the purification of your blood, whilst eliminating toxins and waste, which emphasizes the fact that radish, benefits the liver.

11. Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Qualities

The roots of radish contain antimicrobial & antibacterial qualities which assist to cure many diseases. These qualities are only some of the reasons why radish is good for health!

12. Lowers Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Radishes have a high content of potassium, which dispenses to an impressive list of health-benefits. It is suggested that potassium assists in lowering blood pressure.

As potassium interacts with the vascular beds’ arterial supply, blood vessels can be relaxed which promotes the blood flow. Blood pressure is also decreased by the widening of blood flow, rather than forcing the blood flow through constricted channels.

13. Treats Jaundice

Radishes are advantageous with treating jaundice due to the fact that they are removing bilirubin, whilst stabilizing its production level.

Radishes also have the ability to decrease the extermination of the red blood cells, which happens in individuals who suffer from jaundice; this occurs by increasing the fresh oxygen supply to the blood.

When it comes to treating jaundice, black radishes are preferred, whilst radish leaves are useful too.

14. Boosts Immunity

Radishes are highly efficient to boost the immune system. Consuming a ½ cup of radishes on a daily basis provides about 15 percent of your vitamin C intake. You can take it as a snack or add it to a salad.

By increasing your daily vitamin C intake regularly, your immune system can be rejuvenated. This occurs by replacing a lot of white blood cells & antioxidants which forms an integral part in the fight against all diseases varying from a cold to diabetes or cancer.

Boosting the immune system is not the only function of vitamin C as it is seen as a super vitamin due to all its powerful effects on your body. It assists in the regulation of the body’s metabolism, which is responsible to change fat into accessible energy.

Furthermore, it is the principal supplier to create collagen, whilst it is a vital protein which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, whilst reducing the chances of heart disorders & atherosclerosis.

15. Controls Diabetes

Radishes are known to contain a low glycemic-index, meaning that consuming radishes do not have an impact on your blood sugar levels. A study published during 2017 showed that when diabetics consume radish root juice, it has a beneficial effect on their blood glucose levels. This is proof that radish is good for diabetes!

Radishes also assist in regulating sugar absorption into the bloodstream. This actually means that diabetics don’t need to worry about rapid spikes or drops whilst they are eating or did not eat for a certain period of time.

Radishes have insignificant side-effects, whilst balancing the blood glucose levels.

16. Treats Respiratory Diseases

Radishes acts as an anti-congestive, which means that they are decreasing congestion on your respiratory systems which include the irritation of your throat, windpipe, nose and lungs which could be caused by infections, colds, allergies etc.

Radishes have great disinfectant qualities, whilst being a rich source of vitamins, which are protecting your respiratory system against infections even further.

Radishes have a natural, strong spice and are potent, which is great to prevent diseases. Furthermore, they eradicate excess mucus from your throat. Radishes are also known for relieving congestion by the clearing of your sinuses and soothing sore throats.

17. Assists In Detoxification

Radish, a natural laxative detoxifies the body effectively by eradicating waste products via the colon & kidneys. It also aids digestion by stimulating bile production. This detoxifying property is one of the amazing radish benefits for liver disorders.

18. Treats Cancer

Radishes are detoxifiers, whilst they are a rich source of folic acid, vitamin C & anthocyanins. Thus they have been associated to the treatment of many kinds of cancer such as kidney, colon, oral, stomach and intestinal cancer.

Scientific research was conducted on the cancer fighting potential of radishes. Belonging to the Brassica species, they are cruciferous vegetables, loaded with antioxidants which contain chemo preventive qualities.

However, the isothiocyanates contained in radishes play a major role in the genetic passageways of cancer cells. They change the passageways in such a way, that it can result in cell death (apoptosis), thereby eradicating and stop cancer cells to reproduce.

19. Elimination of Fungus

Radish juice has enzymes such as esterase, amylase & diastase which are helpful in eliminating candida albicans, which is a fungus. Removing this fungus, boost the body’s immune system against a variety of diseases, which include fibromyalgia.

20. Prevents Piles

Radishes are seen as roughage and consist of indigestible carbohydrates. This assists with water retention, digestion and resolve constipation, which is a key cause of piles.

Due to the fact that radish is an excellent detoxifier, they assist with healing pile-symptoms fast. Consuming radish juice will soothe the excretory and digestive system, which will alleviate the pile-symptoms even further.

Consuming radish juice will assist treating the causes of piles, another one of the radish health benefits.

21. Treat Thyroid Disorders

The raphanin and sulphur contained in radish juice assist with the balancing of the thyroid hormones. It simultaneously aids in boosting your metabolism rate in a natural way. This can be seen as another one of the health benefits of radish for weight loss!

22. Cooling our System

Red radishes are considered to be a natural cooling food. The powerful essence of radish is regarded as highly efficient to decrease excessive heat inside the body.

Using red radishes in meals is advisable according to Eastern medicine science for the protection of the body when affected by high temperatures during hot summers.

23. Treats Insect Bites

White radish poses to be an amazing cure for bee stings and insect bites. It assists to alleviate pain and contains an anti-inflammatory quality which also relieves swelling of affected areas caused by bites or stings.

24. Helps with Hydration

Radishes mostly consist of water, whilst they are loaded with a high content of phosphorus, vitamin C and zinc, which is beneficial for nourishing your tissues.

Water’s impact on your digestive system is very important. Hydration improves digestion, alleviates constipation, whilst ensuring the absorption of nutrients from our food consumption.

25. Bone Health

Radish seeds can boost the strengthening & formation of bones. Their seeds contain rich quantities of calcium. However, calcium is vital for building strong bones; therefore radish seeds deliver a constant supply of this important mineral. One of the many radish health benefits!

26. Assist with Digestion

Radishes, with their richness in fibre add substantial bulk to your bowel movements, leading to the promotion of your regular excretory patterns, whilst alleviating constipation’s symptoms.

A study conducted during 2008, showed that the radish leaves can assist to solidify loose bowels, whilst getting rid of diarrhea or loose stool.

Bile forms an integral part of good digestion, whilst it aids the protection of your gallbladder and liver.

The radish benefits for the liver can give you great relieve!

27. Treats Urinary Problems

Radishes with their diuretic nature increase the creation of urine. Radish juice has the ability to cure inflammation, whilst helping with the burning sensations experienced during urination. Thus, it is cleaning out your kidneys, whilst inhibiting infections in the urinary tract and kidneys.

However, it helps to treat numerous urinary disorders which are aggravated by excessive toxins within the system.

28. Treats Fever

Radishes have the ability to lower the body’s temperature, whilst alleviating inflammation caused by fevers. Consuming radish juice which is blended with black salt, presents a great method of intake. Radishes contain disinfectant qualities which can fight the infections which cause the fever.

By the intake of radish you can skip a visit to the doctor as radish is good for health!

29. Protects Kidneys


Credit: Pixabay

Radishes which are a cleanser, disinfectant and diuretic assist in treating a lot of kidney disorders.

Their diuretic qualities assist to wash away accumulated toxins within your kidneys, whilst it decreases the toxins within your blood. Its disinfectant qualities also protect your kidneys against any form of infection.

We believe that anyone who had ever experienced the pain of having kidney stones will include this root crop into their diet due to the radish benefits for the kidneys!

30. Treats Leucoderma

Radishes, with their anti-carcinogenic & detoxifying qualities, make them helpful in treating Leucoderma where the radish seeds are utilized. The seeds should be powdered and then soaked in ginger juice, cow’s urine or vinegar before applying it on your white patches. Consuming radishes can also assist in treating Leucoderma, an awesome radish health benefit!

Radish Benefits For Hair


Credit: Pixabay

1. Increases Hair Growth

Regularly applying and consuming radish juice or radish may be highly efficient to treat various hair conditions, such as premature greying, hair fall etc.

Radish has this ability due to the presence of lots of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The antioxidants destroy the free radicals which cause hair damage. Free radicals attack our skin cells of the scalp which results in their oxidation, causing many problems.

Antioxidants assist in the maintenance of the strength and growth of our hair. Do you choose to avert consuming radishes on a daily basis or strive to improve your results within a shorter period of time?

Then use radish juice and gently massage it into your scalp for approximately 4 – 5 minutes. Leave it on for a period of time before washing your hair thoroughly.

This simple procedure will prevent further damage to your hair, whilst your hair will be nourished too.

The majority of people consume white radish, whilst it is the black radish which is more advantageous to nurture your scalp and hair. Your hair growth will be maintained, whilst it will prevent hair loss efficiently.

2. Shiny & Lustrous Hair

Radish juice can be applied or if preferred you can eat it in its raw form, to aid your hair becoming lustrous and soft. This root vegetable is a rich source of iron which assists to improving the blood circulation in our body and hair.

Good blood circulation boosts healthy hair growth, whilst making the roots and scalp stronger, thus we suggest radish for hair regrowth!

Radish is rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which eradicate free radicals which may cause oxidative damage both to our body as well as hair, which results in healthy and soft hair.

However, our scalp and hair follicles are also protected, preventing premature greying and hair fall extensively.

Radishes are abundant in water content, and the regular application or consumption results in appropriate nourishment and moisturization of the hair.

3. Treats Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Radish with its richness in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins has the amazing ability to get rid of dandruff. Millions of people worldwide have problems with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Although there are multiple factors which cause dandruff, there is almost no hair oil, medicine or shampoo which can effectively get rid of dandruff.

A miracle method that may assist you to have dandruff-free hair and to maintain it is radish juice. Use fresh radish juice and massage it gently into your scalp and hair for about 4 – 5 minutes.

Use a dry towel and tie it around your head; leave it for approximately 1 hour. Afterwards, thoroughly wash and rinse your hair.

Continue this procedure on a regular basis to get the best results. This practice won’t just assist you to fight dandruff & flaky hair, but it will result in shinier, softer and healthier hair.

Radish Benefits For Skin


Credit: Pixabay

1. Glowing Skin

Water is the main component of radish which maintains the body’s hydration. It provides a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. The zinc, vitamin C & phosphorus contained in radish are also maintaining your skin’s freshness for a longer period of time.

Radish is highly beneficial for your skin, whilst it provides a natural glow, as it contains vital minerals such as phosphorus and zinc.

Additionally, antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C within radish are protecting your skin cells against attacks of free radicals which lead to oxidative damage. Therefore, reducing the signs linked to premature aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dark circles and more.

Due to its high water content, which is about 95%, radish is an amazing vegetable to keep your skin well moisturized. It is not only consuming radishes which is beneficial to your skin. Applying radish topically was also found efficient for the provision of nourishment to the skin, whilst keeping it supple, radiant and soft.

2. Treats Acne and Pimples

Worldwide, millions of people are affected with acne. It is yet unknown which is the precise cause of acne. However, according to speculation the cause can be excessive oil, skin impurities and clogged skin pores.

To treat acne, radish was found to be highly efficient. The multiple nutrients contained in radish such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants maintain the health of your skin.

It was discovered that it’s highly effective to remove toxins as well as other impurities from the system and skin, which is aiding in the treatment of acne.

In the same way, the antioxidants contained in radish are fighting free radicals in your body, whilst stabilising them and therefore, to prevent them to cause oxidative damage to your skin cells.

In this way they assists to control acne, whilst reducing wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, age spots and blemishes which are signs associated with premature aging.

Both the high water content as well as the richness in dietary fibres contained in radish are beneficial for the removal of excess oil and toxins from the skin and therefore control pimples & acne.

To consume radish for acne is a marvellous way to get rid of this unattractive and painful condition.

3. Amazing Skin Cleanser

Radish is highly effective to remove impurities & toxins from the body. This benefit of radish is principally because of the multiple nutrients such as minerals and vitamins contained in it.

Consuming radish regularly or the topical application on your skin is assisting to get rid of skin impurities and keeps it healthy.

The radish benefits for skin disorders or healthy and glowing skin are enough to convince anyone who cares about their skin to eat radishes on a regular basis.

4. Reducing the Risk of Multiple Skin Problems

Consume radish moderately & regularly or apply it topically on your skin is effective to reduce the risk of a variety of skin disorders.

The antioxidants contained in radish fight against free radicals present in your body, whilst stabilising them, protecting all body cells and tissues against oxidative damage.

In the same way, dietary fibres and water within the radish assists to get rid of toxins, thus helping to reduce the risk of a variety of skin disorders.

The antioxidants also provide alleviation from painful inflammation which is caused by skin conditions, whilst strengthening the immune system, which also reduces the risk of developing skin disorders & other diseases.

5. Keeps Skin Hydrated

Radishes with its excellent water content, help to keep the body well hydrated, which result in a well-hydrated and healthy skin, whilst fighting dry & flaky skin at the same time.

Hydration plays a vital role to keep your skin healthy, whilst it assists to remove toxins as well as skin-impurities, the provision of refreshment to your skin’s tissues & cells, maintaining the elasticity of your tissues & skin cells and making your skin supple and soft.

Additionally, other contents in radish such as minerals and vitamins also form an integral role to provide nourishment to your skin. The radish benefits for skin are amazing!

6. Treats Freckles & Skin Blemishes

Use fresh radish juice on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes on a regular basis for the treatment of blemishes, blackheads and freckles.

When treating skin blemishes & freckles, use a clean cloth or cotton dab. Dip it in fresh radish juice and then apply it onto the afflicted area. Leave for about 20 minutes until it is dry.

7. Removes Dry & Dead Skin Cells

Blend radish juice with oatmeal powder and a whisked egg white, using it for a natural skin-polisher.

Radish is an amazing skin exfoliator and highly efficient to get rid of dry and dead skin cells.

Make a natural scrub by blending radish juice, a beaten egg white and oatmeal powder to form a paste, which can be used to remove dry and dead skin cells.

It is not just efficient to remove dead or dry skin cells, but will also make your skin supple, soft & radiant.

8. Whitens The Skin

White radish, along with oatmeal powder can be applied as a face mask. Over time such a mask may remove blurred brown pigmentation and assist to enhance efficient skin whitening.

Make a blend of white radish and oatmeal powder and apply it to your face. Leave it for about 10 minutes until the mixture is dry and rinse off with water.

Considering what the radish benefits for skin can provide you with, in comparison with the costly skin care products and supplements available nowadays, this root vegetable is absolutely amazing!

How To Eat Radishes

1. Take fresh radishes and then wash and slice them. If preferred, add some salt and consume it in its raw form. You may add butter if you like.

2. Add it to soups for a great flavour.

3. Use it in recipes such as Zucchini blossoms as a filling.

4. Use the greens of the radish in stews, salads, soups and curries.

5. Serve it as a delicious dip for other veggies or crackers.

Taking into account the radish nutrition facts and considering its health benefits, it does make sense!

How To Use Radishes?

How To Use Radishes

Appetizing Methods to Use Radishes:

Radishes can be used in different ways and you don’t need to use it just for salads. Below are other ways how to use radishes and include it into your diet.

1. Radish Dip

To make a great radish dip, blend ¼ cup of chopped radishes, ½ cup Greek yoghurt, 1 minced garlic clove and then add a dash of red wine-vinegar in your food processor.

2. Sandwiches

Take radishes and cut into thin slices and put on sandwiches.

3. Chicken or Tuna Salad

Chop 1 – 2 teaspoons of radishes and add it to chicken or tuna salad to give the salad a great taste.

4. Pickled Radishes

Pickle the radishes in the same way you would pickle cucumbers.

5. Topping for Burger or Steak

Take radishes and slice it, then grill it. Use it as a topping on your burger or steak for an appetizing taste.

6.  Spice up Tacos

Take some coarsely chopped radishes an add it to tacos to give it a delicious flavour

7. Crudités

Radishes can be added to dips for wholesome crudités.


When you are preparing your radishes, keep the green parts, because these greens are healthy and delicious. They add flavour to salads, whilst you can fry it using a small quantity of garlic and olive oil.

Another way to use it is to mix the radish greens with other greens like spinach, kale, turnip greens & mustard greens.

With this information, we believe that you will experiment how to use radishes in creating delicious dishes and snacks.

Radish Nutrition Facts

How Many Radishes in a Serving

One cup of radishes is a serving.

Below you can learn all you want to know regarding the nutritional value of radishes.

Radish Nutrition Facts

Daikon vs Radish

These two types of radishes don’t look alike at all!

Daikon Radish is an elongated, large white winter radish. Its scientific name is Raphanus sativus lonipinnatus. Daikon radish is particularly used in Asian cuisine whilst it is pickled sometimes.

Daikon radishes have a white colour, whilst it grows during winter and take a long time growing to maturity.

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