How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection?

Before moving towards a remedy, let us elaborate: What is a yeast infection? Well, a yeast infection is the production of microscopic fungus.

This commonly grows in the parts of the body that are not often exposed and don’t get direct interaction with fresh air.

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Causes Of A Yeast Infection:

Yeast infections are commonly caused by hormonal imbalance. It happens when already existing yeast exceeds the limits.

Actually, Yeast also known as Candida albicans is present in our body along with the bacteria known as Lactobacillus.

These bacteria don’t allow the yeast to grow more than limited. But when the yeast is produced excessive than the limit it causes Yeast Infection.

It can also happen while staying in humidity for more time.

Types Of Yeast Infections:

Yeast infections happen in multiple parts of the body.

When caused in the vagina it’s called a vaginal yeast infection.

While in case if it happens on feel then it’s called sports foot yeast infection.

When it happens at the toenail then it’s known as toenail yeast infection etc.

Where Does Yeast infection Grow:

Now the question arises that in which parts of the body yeast infections can grow. So we are here with the answer.

  • Vagina (In case of a female victim)
  • Penis (In case of the male victim)
  • Stomach ( Due to acidity)
  • Toenail ( At the nail beds)
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Foldings of the body
  • Under Breasts

Symptoms Of Yeast Infections:

At the beginning of infection, no problematic symptoms actually happen. But gradually when it grows the skin around the infected area turns whitish or grayish.

The area around the infected part also swells. After some time it starts itching.

In the case of Vaginal Yeast infection, some watery or white curd-like fluid starts coming out of the vagina.

The skin becomes sensitive and rough. The valvula also swells up. Intercourse in such a case can really be painful.

The Solution Of Yeast Infection:

After knowing the problem everyone rushes towards the solution. And the same would be the case with you.

You might be thinking of what can be a possible solution to this problem.

Nothing to worry about dear. We are here with the solution.

Tea Tree Oil is the ultimate solution to yeast infection. As it is a natural antibiotic. It is a brilliant anti-inflammation.

It soothes the irritation and thing at the infected place.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection?

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection

Now there’s an obvious question. That is Tea Tree oil is the solution then how to use it as a solution.

So here’s the solution to this problem.

Tea Tree Oil can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a bath as well as a blend.

In a similar manner, it can be applied with cotton and with exposure to the infected area.

It’s the procedure for the usage of tea tree oil is different as per the infected part of the body.

The method of using it on Vaginal Yeast infection is not similar to its usage on toenail infection.

Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection – Tea Tree Bath

The preparation and usage of Tea Tree Bath:

Tea tree Bath can be prepared at the domestic level.

All you have to do is to add almost one tablespoon in one tub filled up of lukewarm water.

Mix that up thoroughly.

Now soak your feet in that solution for 5-10 min.

If you feel irritation or itching the pull your infected area out.

In reciprocal cases, keep your infected area soaked in the solution for some further time.

By the regular usage of Tea Tree Bath, you would definitely feel the change and improvement.

After soaking properly clean your body properly with some cotton cloth.

After cleansing applies olive oil or coconut oil depending upon the availability.

How To Make A Blend Of Coconut Or Olive Oil:

Olive oil vs Coconut oil

Sometimes the yeast infection attacks the areas that can’t be dipped into the tub.

For this purpose, you can use a blend of coconut oil or olive oil with tea tree oil.

For making such a blend pour tea tree oil and pure coconut or olive oil at the ratio of 1:10 respectively.

Apply at the infected skin and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Use twice or thrice a day for better results.

You can also use Lavender oil with tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil For Vaginal Yeast Infection

Tea Tree Oil For Vaginal Yeast Infection

In the case of Vaginal and Penis Yeast Infections:

In such a case make a mixture of Lavender Oil with tea tree oil and coconut oil.

Freeze the solution.

Now insert this frozen solution into the vagina or penis.

It would start melting with body temperature.

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Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is of great benefit. It must be available at every home.

As it is a natural antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-swelling. It reduces itchiness, swelling, heals bruises, and gives rid of fungus and allergy.

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