How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus?

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. Due to the long usage of closed footwear and moisture, the feet and toenails often get attacked by fungus.

This mostly happens to the athletes as they are mostly packed for training and sweating. Appearing as a small problem fungus may grow and become a major and career-threatening ailment.

Cure Toenail Fungus

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus?

Let us elaborate on how to use tea tree oil in case of Toenail Fungus:

Step 1:Clipping The Toenail:

Clipping The Toenail

The first and foremost step towards the cure is to clip the infected toenail. Clip the nail properly. Make the infected skin exposed to the Tea Tree Oil that is to be applied. The nail clipper must be cleaned with some volatile cleansing agent.

Step 2: Washing Of Infected Area:

Now wash the infected area thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use a quality antibacterial soap or body wash with some pleasant scent. Keep the infected area under running lukewarm water for almost 20 minutes.

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Step 3: Cleaning:

Now dry the washed area with the help of some clean cotton cloth or cotton gauze. Never use fibrous or woolen fabric to clean any kind of wound. Because there is a possibility of small fibers to be attached to wound and cause infections. So safety is a priority.

Making of Tea Tree Oil Treatment Solution:

First of all, dilute the small amount of tea tree oil in coconut or olive oil. Ratio of 1:5 means 1 drop of Tea Tree oil and five drops of olive or coconut oil, both of which have anti-fungal properties.

After mixing it, apply it gently on the infected area. Leave it for 12-15 minutes and then  rinse with lukewarm water..

Preparation of Footbath Solution:

In case of toenail fungus infection add 5 to 10 drops in a tub of water and soak your foot into that solution for half an hour. This can be done twice a day for the sake of pre-problem safety.

How to avoid from Toenail Fungal Infection

Oral Intake Of Tea Tree Oil:

Oral intake of Tea Tree Oil


Now, the question arises that if Tea Tree oil can be used orally?

The answer is straight and severe No! Because of Tea Tree Oil contains harmful chemicals that can cause severe results.

Treatment Period:

You may think about, for how long does it take for tea tree oil to work on toenail fungus.

Well, Tea Tree Oil starts showing its results in 3 weeks approximately but it takes about 6 months to cure the wound completely.

But for sake of safety, it should be used regularly at least once a day for keeping the infection away from you.

How To Avoid From Toenail Fungal Infection:

Everyone might be curious to know the method of avoiding from this disease.

The solution is simple:

– Always used washed and hygienic socks.
– Don’t wear socks for more than a day.
– Don’t wear tight shoes.
– Expose your feet to fresh air.
– Wash and dry your feet immediately after exercises.
– Always try to keep your feet dry and sweat free.
– Try to purchase medicated socks.

The Composition Of Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is of two types.:

Type 1 that is the standard and other type is a replica and named as a clone 88.

The standard Tea tree oil is composed of terpinen-4-ol while clone 88 consists of 1,8-cineol.

composition of Tea Tree Oil

Other Benefits of Tea Tree Oil:

Apart from fungal in section treatment, Tea tree oil is also used for multiple purposes. This list includes the cure of Dandruff, killing of antibodies, fast healing of wounds and scars, anti-acne, and anti-inflammation.

Possible Cons. Of Tea Tree Oil:

The excessive use of Tea Tree Oil mild inflammation and minor allergic reactions. So, to avoid such problems use quality and a standardized product. Never use in excess. In case of any inconvenience contact your physician immediately.

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Tea Tree Oil

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