Where Is The HEART Located Within The Human Body? According To Science..

Many of you, when feels chest pain in your body, different issues come in your mind. It makes you more nervous to understand the basics of your heart and the rest of your body.

However, the entire article you are going to read in this section will help you with this query. After reading this, you will feel more informed and ease in your life.

What Side is your Heart on your Chest?

What Side Is Your Heart On?

Many of you place your hands on the left side of your chest and assumes that it’s the ideal place where your heart located.

In general, science tells us that the heart situated very close to the center of our chest.

One-third part of our heart is on the right side, while two-third located on the left side of our chest.

It means it’s pretty simple to say that it’s in the center of our chest.

If we talk about it in the technical term, so it exists in the mediastinum. The mediastinum is a membranous space that exists between the lungs.

The membranous space itself located at the center of the human body thorax. Thorax is our part of the body located between the abdomen and neck.

If we conclude the entire talk of this portion, so it tells us that most of the part of the hearing is available on the left side of our chest because this side of our chest performs most of the work related to the heart.

Besides that, the left side of the chest is strong. It helps the heart to pump or provide oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

It’s the same side of your chest where you accidentally put your hand whenever you want to feel your heart pumping.

The size of a human heart is equal to the size of a fist. You can also create a fist and put it on the left side of your chest to understand more about the heart location.

Where is the Heart Located in Relation to Other Organs?

Because the heart exists in the center of your chest location, there are a lot of other vital organs very close to it.

A human heart located between the two lungs and behind the sternum.

It locates very close you the front part of your chest, including the front part of the spine and esophagus.

The liver, diaphragm, and stomach exist below the heart of the human body.

However, we are mentioning a picture below that can also clear you more about the hear location with other vital organs of your body.

The picture will tell you all about both genders in a human. So, you will get an idea about it.

Where is the Heart Located

What is your Heart?

A human heart tends to be a muscle. It pumps the blood to the entire body system so a person can get proper nutrients and oxygen to stay alive.

The proper working of your heart is an important reason you will stay alive. In other words, a person without a fully functional heart will no longer live.

A human heart separated with a left and right portion through a wall. Both sides contain a small chamber, also known as Atrium.

This small chamber connects with a large pumping chamber, also known as the ventricle. In total, there are four chambers, such as Right Ventricle, Right Atrium, Left Ventricle and Left Atrium.

Where is the Heart Located in Relation to Other Organs

The Left Side of Your Heart

The left side of your heart tends to be thicker and robust. The reason behind it is because it has to perform 90% of potential work to make you stable.

The left side of your heart pumps the blood with more power and attempts to provide it throughout your body. It contains intense pressure as compared to the right side of your heart.

The Right Side of your Heart

The right side of your heart is the one-third portion of it, which we discussed in the above section.

When we talk about its functions, so the right side of your heart tends to collect blood on its return from the rest of your body.

According to experts, oxygen tends to be lower in the right part of the heart.

The primary reason behind it is the tissues and organs. It decreases the oxygen level from the blood as the blood circulates through it.

However, your heart then pumps the blood to the lungs, which helps you to receive more oxygen and stay alive.

Once the body receives proper oxygen, the blood returns to the left side of your heart. It then pumps the blood again to the other parts of your body.

your Heart

How to Know about Your Heart Health through its Location

Almost 75% of your heart located on the left side of your chest. It means pain on the left side of your chest is mostly connected with the heart problems you mostly tend to hear about.

As the left side performs more work by pumping the blood throughout your body, you may also get the worst experience on the same side.

If you feel any unbearable pain on the left side of your chest, it’s better to concern a doctor. Because it alarms a person that the major part of their heart is not performing enough to make them stay alive.

Moreover, Pain on the left side of your chest also doesn’t always relate to heart issues.

You can also experience other problems in your liver, lungs, or digestion. It can also be a significant reason for pain on the left side of your chest.

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